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CAT PErcentile
OA : 98.73
VR & LR :99.95
QA & DI : 82.70

X : 87.40
XII : 89.2
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age
62.50, Instrumentation & Control

Tech IT -> Strategic Services(30 months)

Topic: removal of poverty is the responsibility of all humanity
Number of Ppl present : 9 out 0f 15
Time: 1+ 10 + 1
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
weak points by everyone, no one was able to focus on topic, and not really a fish market, as someone who tried was given a chance to speak.
i have a loud voice so i got the attention more times than i really wanted..

Other Salient Details: many ppl tried to summarise
i would give myself 5/10

Panel Members Intro:
Male middle age(M1-> no questions only yes,no & nod)
Male old (M2 -> all interview was with him)
female middle age(f1 - sidekick to m2, spoke only when prodded by m2)
Extempore Topic: Instrumentation & Control
decent could have done better, but whatever is done is done.
maybe 6/10 to 7/10.

Questions asked-
M2: 2009 passout, what are you doing these days.
me: super prepared answer
m2: (cuts short) so what exactly is it that you do?
f1: yes yes what is your role?
me:(in my head, let me speak) (smiling)sir i do analysis, bussiness rules , some more fundae
m2: this is clerical work, anyone can do this
me : (hurt)some more fundae, the large scale, he kinda got the idea, (me smiles)
m2: what does your father do?
me: told(bussiness) also told why i want to do an mba...
m2: but thats a good bussiness , with you experience you can really expand it
f1: yes yes, thats is good so much of mullah in it..
m2: yes, some fundae about how to expand the bussiness
me: yes sir, i know, some fundae showing i know how it works, i am not interested in the money, knowledge, domain etc etc some more fundaes by me
m2: how much do you earn?
f1: yes yes, how much?
me: after tax deduction, my take away is xxxxxx pm.
m2: thats a lot , you wont get this much after mba from fms
me: sir as i said money is not the criteria i am looking for.
f1: but you wont get more than this after fms.
me: mam, i am looking at y% appraisal this year, and my sal will be xxxxxx after this, but i want to grow up in the organization, blah blah some more fundae
m2: okay you may go now..
me : thank you, picks up the resume folder(which wasnt even touched by the panel)

I heat some whispers at my back...
f1: what were the other calls
me: (turns back) sir i had applied only to iim abc and fms.

Interview experience- was okay, though they initially they didnt like my job, but i guess by the end they liked it..

Verdict- Awaited.

i dont know how to rate my PI, any ideas?

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skipped many hearbeats!!!

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no call at 98.73(seems to me even 99.xx isnt enough),

Got a call last year, my profile has improved(isnt a TL better than an engineer???)
process looks very much flawed to me..

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CAT Index (50) 49.37 SSC Index (20) 9.91 HSC Index (20) 14.82 Graduation Index (10) 8.47 Total Index (100) 82.56

CAT :98.73
Xth-87.4 CBSE
XIIth-89.6 CBSE
Grad: 63.23 (delhi university was known for low %ages given)
Workex: 28 months

Although, my CAT prep was negligible, the intersting thing to notice is that even if i get a 100% next time, i am not gonna get a call with this criteria..

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I am from NSIT/DCE with 62% in grad
87.4% in Xth
89.2% in XIIth

2+year work ex, with ~ an year international exposure

I am planning to apply for the following:-
SP Jain

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