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Sandeep Singh @sandymaniac
@cyman_05 Hello man, i just wanted to ask what are my chances at premier MBA institutes, I mean IIM's. I am a CA :), cleared in three attempts :disappointed: .
Raja Simon @cyman_05

I cleared it in four attempts. So you have a chance like anybody else..

srijan saxena @sr
@cyman_05 hi i just saw in one of the posts that u are a ca..just needed a piece of advice from u.. i am ca inter (PCC) and have given two attempts as yet for final, but couldnt get through any group.. i have always been considering mba as an option after ca.. but after these two attempts, i ...
Raja Simon @cyman_05

Don't ever quit CA if you have cleared Inter already. Try to finish it. It took me 4 attempts to clear it and I am glad that I could finish it in 4 attempts. So don't consider your past failures for your future attempts. I know you are desperate and I was in the same position once myself. I would suggest you to write for MBA entrance side by side with CA Finals. But only CA Finals should be your focus.

Even after failing 3 times in CA Final and once in Inter, IIM's are glad to give a place in their prestigious institution. So failure in CA exams are not that bad. Hope you consider this.

Hi Seniors,

Is the referral feedback is accounted in final evaluation or not? One of my referee has left the weakness and liabilities section blank by mistake(all other details filled properly) and submitted the form. Can this feedback form can be reactivated or not? If not, does it will have any impact leaving that section as blank?

The referral feedback as per admission policy of IIMB will be included in the final evaluation criteria. But nobody knows the weight-age. I would recommend you to contact admission office and request them to reactivate the form or ask them to send the referee a fresh form.
Hi Seniors,
Could you please clarify on below things.

1.Are we supposed to give office mail id's of referrals or will gmail id's do?

2.I have my interview in the afternoon slot(2'O clock) at iim-bcampus.By what time does the interview get over?(P.S:I need to book return tickets)

Please reply! :)

The interview will get over by 7PM at the max. No offense but go through the thread once to answer yourself the first question.
Has there been a revised list of candiates for interviews by IIM B after the initial one?

I am asking this because i read somewhere that IIM B gave calls to those who wer not called up earlier!!!

It's not exactly a revised list. If required (don't know why and how), additional calls (rare cases) will be given to candidates and that is done mostly by sending them personal mail. In our batch too, some of the candidates received mails separately.
Hi seniors,

I have one query. Do referees have to fill feedback before 31 Jan. In case i submit my form on 29-30 Jan, do referees will get sufficient time to fill the feedback? Do this whole process needed to be done before 31 jan.. Please help me on this?

In the previous year, referees can give their response only after the application is submitted. Both are independent. We were given extra 10 days or so for submitting the response from referees. However, from one of the previous post, it is my understanding that getting the response from referees is a prerequisite for submitting the application for the current admission year:-(. This is because the application is waiting for the response rather than submitting. So I advice you to get the response as soon as possible and submit it before 31st Jan to be on the safer side.:-(

You have more than a week. It is more than sufficient to get the response. All the best.:)
mama123 Says
Any idea when IIMB reaches out to the references we give in our forms? Is it just after we submit our form or, only after 31st Jan..? We need to inform our referees to check their inbox regularly around dat time..when is the last date by which they should be finishing writing our recos?

As soon as you submit your application, automated e-mails will be sent to the referees mentioned in the application form and the same will be intimated to you in the acknowledgement mail from IIMB relating to receipt of the application form.

Also, once your referees have submitted their response, an automated e-mail will be sent to you intimating the submission. So you can keep track of those who have given their response and remind others of doing the same.

Sufficient time will be given for the referees to give their response. So chillax....
elflord Says
The fact was that, they did not ask the resume in the first place. They would have a printed copy of the forms you fill which will give them sufficient information about you. Anyway, to be on the safer side, you can prepare a basic resume with some importance to points other than what you have mentioned in the application forms.

IIMB Interview process is wholly paperless. You will only be required to bring the originals for verification. After which they will be duly returned. It is not so with some of the other IIM's. IIM-L, for instance, asked us to submit a photocopy of all the certificates on the day of the interview. It became difficult for the candidates to find xerox shop nearby. So I would recommend you to have at least 2 sets of photocopies of all the certificates to any interview.

As for resume, none of the IIM's asked for resume during the interview process. But as mentioned earlier, write a simple resume to be on the safer side.
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Hi Seniors,

I have an IIM B interview scheduled at 9:00 A.M on 25th Feb in the IIM-B campus, followed by, IIM L interview at 2:00 P.M on the same date at some place on the Infantry Road.

So my concern is, if the interview is scheduled at 9:00 A.M, how long would it take to get out of there in the worst case scenario ? Will I be able to make to the IIM L's interview where I will have to reach at least by 1:30 ! IIM-L has a strict policy of not entertaining requests to change the interview schedule and hence my worries !

The interview would be over by 2PM. If you are scheduled for the PI session earlier, you can very well finish the interview latest by 1PM. It would take 30 minutes to reach infantry road from IIMB Campus. It is advisable to send a mail to the admission office regarding this issue and request them to schedule your interview earlier in the day so that you report for IIM L interview on time.
Hi Seniors,

I have one question about the refree thing again...One of my refrences is from my school science teacher.........Now ,for the other two refernces being from the workplace , I have menioned the office email ID of both of them in my app form......

However ,my school teacher does not have any official ID as our school does not provide any email ids as of now......So my mam has given me her personal gmail id to be used for the process.......Do you think it is fine ,or we are supposed to fill in only Official email IDs.....

thnx in advance.

Yes it is fine. This query has already been answered previously. Please don't repeat the questions.