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Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work. :D

Sir,Please let me know about perks and benefits of lic aao after pending wage revision.is it better than p o because I am serving as rural bank p o

  • Working in LIC is way better than PO in terms of comfort .... 04 Jan.
  • 160 per working day. My bad.. 04 Jan.
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Working in LIC is way better than PO in terms of comfort and a balance between life and work. But in terms of promotions it is better to choose banks as in LIC promotion from one cadre to another takes atleast 5-6 years. In terms of salary initial salary for a AAO is around 50k + you get additional 160 rs per month if attend office. That sounds cool? Also LIC is a very liberal organisation. Work pressure is less as compared to banks.

thecool hunter @vinayverma123 28

160 per working day. My bad.

Can any one help me with APFC Study Material?

Im here for RBI Grade B... Plss let me know that, now when both the papers would be of objective type, will previously suggested study materials would suffice or we would require some other supplements too??

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SIDBI conducts their specialist exam the same way as RBI has proposed. So If anyone who has given SIDBI Economist paper online please tell us what level of questions one can expect ? A detailed experience would be nice. :smiley:
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Paper will be As per UPSC Optional Paper Difficulty Level..see the syllabus of economics main TOPICS of Economics are covered but level of difficulty wii surely as per UPSC

Hey csl80 ... i came to know about you while going through mrunal website while searching for details regarding EPFO APFC exam ... i am not able to get a clear picture regarding the syllabus of the exam ... so can you please throw some light on it.

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If possible, please comment on the coaching provided by Sh. Susheel Ragade. Is it worth joining through correspondence at a cost of Rs 15000/-? Will it be helpful in qualifying the exam? I am planning to join it and needs your considered opinion please...

  • forgot to mention....regarding RBI Grade B Exam.. 14 May '15.

forgot to mention....regarding RBI Grade B Exam.

bro i want you guide me for RBI Grade B Officer and if I prep for it SBI PO will be covered or not at same time? RBI Grade B I want to focus on but I have this as back up plan please help

  • @amitsingh19891 cover ncert 11 & 12 for economics and ram.... 04 Apr '15.
  • any specific chapter of Ramesh or complete?. 04 Apr '15.
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@amitsingh19891 cover ncert 11 & 12 for economics and ramesh singh for Indian economy.

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any specific chapter of Ramesh or complete?

Please guide for NABARD mains paper GRADE B Officer especially for PAPER -3

Topic : Statistics

For the mains paper put your points how to attend the paper,thrust areas which i should stress upon.

Can u provide previous years paper of NABARD GRADE A n Grade B Officer.

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Banking industry should be anybody's last priority. I joined BOB in May14 and have resigned as well. however, my 3 months' notice period was full of torture. continuous deputations to semi-rural branches (where they would make you work endlessly) and pathetic work culture were the main highlights...
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Hi , got to know about you from mrunal website... Can you guide me in the preparation of NABARD prelims exam? Area of general awareness in the exam? 1) current affairs 2)economy related 3)rural banking etc please tell the source PS: I am updated with last 4 months current affairs and have...
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now as exam is over now?? how did it went??? sorry for not responding as i was busy with mah job.....