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Project Gutenberg - free ebooks here you can find some PG Wodehouse books,his books are amazing stressbusters
Some other books :

Disney War by James Stewart about Michael Eisner and the Walt Disney Company
Chocolate Wars by Deborah Cadbury Business+Chocolate !!!!
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Question for 17th June -

What do you collect as a hobby ?

I collect funny stuff anything from one liners to jokes
some favourites
If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you" - Muhammad Ali
If laughter was the best medicine DOCtors would have found a way to
charge for it:D

my doctor says i have an obsession with vengeance..
We'll see about that
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Can I post a ques for 16 june at this time of the day????

if NO then its too late coz I have already posted the question below :splat:

If you are given a wish of completely removing one thing from this world, what would it be????

P.S Ignore if already been asked, I am asking any ques for the first time.

I never want to grow up and I think people were so much better and so easy to get along with when we were kids.The only worry you had was getting home work done and mom's hug could take away all the pain in the world!
PS:applies mostly to girls because some guys never grow up
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After so many serious questions in last few days , here i put one interesting Question -

"Suppose you are assigned the role of King/Queen in your country, and you are allowed to put 2 rules by your choice...what would be those 2 rules you would put by your choice ,which have to be followed compulsorily by others...??

1.Do away with CAT instead select candidates through a reality show which is like a mixture of The amazing race and The apprenticewhere a candidates ingenuity and ability to perform is tested and no past academics
2. Politicians under the age of 35 and an anti corruption bill
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Your favourite writer. Someone who you read not to ace VA but for intellectual and aesthetic satiation. And why? A few lines from his/her oeuvre which you liked the most.

My favourite author is Enid Blyton,because she introduced me to reading I've read many classics, some heavy philosophical stuff but I' give her the credit for a wonderful imagination and for not being another machine like indian student who mugs up stuff .She made me believe in far away lands,in impossible things!in fairies and goblins.She was my escape from the world!
but my favourite lines belong to Robert Browning
"God's in his Heaven
All's right with the world" that were used in many other books
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If today was the last day of your life, which 3 persons you would call and what would you tell them?

(IF you feel reluctant to write his/her name, just write their initials.)


In HIMYM 's latest season SPOILER ALERT when Marshall's dad dies ,in that episode there's this stress on your last words I would just want to call my parents,my brother and my best friend and tell them that they're awesome and they make me a better person!
brooding over it is making me feel sad,let the sobfest begin!
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In the wake of the fight against corruption,the common man is beginning to stand up,share an incident where you've stood up against corruption,or an incident that shows moral fibre,anything that you're proud of?
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new post exploring soceity's perception of superheroes and supermen

ebb and tide

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Koschin for the day
What is that you hate in yourself?

P.S - Honest answers are expected.
P.P.S -Pardon me, If the question has already been asked

No confidence and sometimes to compensate it , become overconfident ,It's been my downfall in the interviews But I guess It will remain a perennial problem with me ,can't really see a solution for it:splat:
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