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hey guys i would like to know how is MITSOB college of pune..... is it a decent college..

i have given my interview in Ahmedabad on 22nd feb..
essay topic was caste based education Vs autonomous reservation.
GD:- print media Vs electronic media.

i want to enquire whether i can get admission in BIMM college based my scores like:
10th --60.84%
12th --76.2%
currently i am doing my final year BBA, so in 1st year-- 60%, and in 2nd year--58.5%

and in mat december got 66%ile. And i am also appeared for feb. MAT... is their any chances.

I have got IBS BENgluru as my 2nd priority and i would like my seniors to give more light on it.... should i go for it or no??
my one more frd have got in chandigardh as a center but he dont wish to pursue from that.. he want to do from bang or pune.. So can anythg be done.....

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update ur Group numbers this way: ( IBSAT 2008 : Paper Discussions)

i want to know that when i will be giving mant people will be sitting in front of me...bcoz i and my other 2 friends have the same mp no. and the same date of we are planning to share our mp.
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guys i have a question,

has IBS alloted the optional dates to students who wished to change their dates and sent 3 alternative dates to IBS team? did they get any mail regarding the change of dates?

yes dude i have got 10th feb as the new date.
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gauravpruthi Says
icfai hyderabad is for finance and banglore - don't know , sorry:rockedov:

is the finance subject really tough and how is marketing in both hyderabad and bangalore
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gauravpruthi Says
whatever u said or thought is all right........

i want to know that icfai hyderabad-bangalore are good in providing specialization in which subject..
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Hi Crystal,

1) No, my friend has attended on the last day last year but he got a seat in Hyderabad.
2) Your options of campus can be ticked in the application form.
3) They have given a CD for GK and read newspapers/magazines/listen to news.
4) Practice with your friends.

Thanks mbasher
for ur reply.. But i have a confusion in selecting the the order of colleges

Should i place banglore in 2nd place or some where...

i have one more query suppose if that is my series and i have finally got admission on hyderabad can i then shift my admission to banglore..
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Mine are the following topics...

1. In 2007-08, the Indian rupee appreciated to around Rs.39 against the US dollar, and again plummeted to around Rs.50 by October 2009. What is the impact of the fluctuation in the rupee-dollar exchange rate on Indian industry? Give your answer with special emphasis on the export sector and IT/ITES companies. What can companies do to protect their interests in this volatile exchange rate environment? Also, explain the impact of the rupee-dollar exchange rate on inflation, economic growth, and competitiveness of Indian industry.

2. Digital publishing has allowed for new and innovative ways of delivering content to users. Describe some new technologies in the publishing industry, explaining the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them. How has digital publishing changed the publishing industry? Who are the major players in digital publishing?

3. Economic growth and environmental protection are both important. However, some argue that these two are not compatible, i.e., economic growth negatively impacts the environment and safeguarding the environment would lead to loss of opportunities for economic development. Do you agree with this contention? Give reasons and examples in support of your answer. Also, give examples of companies/governments that have succeeded in achieving this balance.

4. In the past couple of years, Indian companies in steel, automobile, pharma and other sectors have opted for major acquisitions in the international markets. With the help of facts and figures discuss the reasons for this trend. Detail any one of the acquisitions made by Indian companies overseas and evaluate whether it has been a success.

5. Experts feel that coalition politics in India is here to stay. Do you agree? With the help of specific examples from the history of politics in modern India evaluate the pros and cons of coalition politics.

6. In 2006, the central government in India promised to implement 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in institutes of higher education (twenty central universities, the IITs, IIMs and AIIMS). With the help of relevant facts and figures evaluate the merits and demerits of the concept of reservation in premier private educational institutions in India.

I belong to MP Group-4 and this are my topics

(Micro Presentation Group - 4)

1. Joint ventures are considered to be a quick way of entering a new market. With globalization, there has been an increase in the number of cross-border joint ventures. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joint ventures in general, and cross-border joint-ventures in particular. Give examples of some successful, not-so successful and clearly unsuccessful cross-border joint ventures in recent times.

2. With the growing popularity of new and emerging media like the Internet, especially among the youth, many social networking sites have emerged. For marketers targeting the youth, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such new media spaces? With relevant facts and figures, discuss the growth of Internet as a medium of advertising, giving details of the new growth avenues within the medium. Also, how is this going to affect conventional media companies?

3. Governments in several countries have encouraged the use of 'green' technologies/products by extending subsidies. Give examples of products/technologies that are subsidized by governments of various countries. Do you agree with the concept of subsidies for green products? Give reasons to support your view. Should the Indian government subsidize 'green' products? What could be the effects of such subsidies on companies, governments, and on the environment?

4. In the first few months of 2008, the price of foodgrains recorded a steep rise across the world. Several reasons were cited for this, ranging from the growing affluence in countries like India and China, to global warming. Some analysts blamed it on the growing popularity of biofuels. With specific facts, figures and examples, examine the trends in the usage of biofuels. What are the pros and cons of using biofuels? Do you think usage of biofuels has an impact on food prices? Give reasons to support your views.

5. Experts feel that it's high time that the global community took some concrete steps to address the threat due to global warming. With the help of facts and figures evaluate the extent of the global warming threat. Do you think it is a real threat or just hype? What concrete steps should the global community take to combat global warming?

6. The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act was passed in 1994 in India was amended in 2002 which included a change in the name of the Act to "Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection)". With the help of published facts and figures, discuss whether such amendment has resolved the problem of its use. What further steps should the government take to address the deep-rooted bias against the female baby in the Indian society?

can anyone please help me in making MP????
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