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hey nils!

no e-mail/post till date ... i know my GD/PI center, date and venue .. thanks to you guys ... just a bit worried about not having got any official confermation as yet

I was asked a few questions on basic school and engineering level economics. Like what type of a market does a toothpaste belong to. ( for all those who just answered FMCG, in their minds are wrong :p)

:-) so whats the correct answer ????
chickensoup Says
komal, Your schedule is on 27th morning. Good Luck!!

Chickensoup Please do me a favour too !
no e-mail or post till date

JMET no :120169
rank: 792
name: Rishab Jain

Me too havent recieved either the e-mail or snail mail regarding the details of GD/PI till date

Could somebody @ Kgp help me

Jmet Reg No : 120169
Rank : 792

Rank 792
was hopeful to get a call from delhi too .. anyhow .. my first interview call for the season !

cant get my name to appear in gold

went back to the shop but it shows gold as a bought color !
i need help

mods are u listening ??

and we will be back to a barebones forum later on

i wonder what will happen to all the point i have collected .. i'm a crorepati now thanks to PG

and hey this message also servers as a test message to see whether the color of name actually changes to golden !

i read sometime ago the probs with shodows and glows and colors.
dunno i just changed my color to golden !!

hope it works else i need a full refund of my 300 points !!

hmm :)

the secret of Gmail invites is nuthing !!
unbeliveable na ???

i think its true !

even i had asked loads of people about the secret to get invites ... they told me to use it regulary.. login often .. 30 MB in 2 days and stuff :)

i did it all !!
and got 6 invites today !! .. but so did a friend of mine who did nuthing .. she just has like 2 mails in her inbox (including the one from Gmail Team )
and obviously her account usage was 0 %

the key here is that we made our accounts almost at the same hour !!
so the key to invites is be patient !!

anyone agrees ???

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I am in a race with a cute gal of my college to see who gets an invite first. I didnt even even bother till yesterday abt what is GMAIL !!! But she brought it up in a conversation and challenged me !! I took up the challenge thinking how hard could it be !!!

And man !! I have come to PG as a last resort to save face !! :oops:
Anybody there ??? PG is famous for kind hearted and generous guys and beautiful intelligent ladies !!


okay so whats the e-mail address of the "cute gal" ??
so that i can send her an invite !!
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Commenting on this post has been disabled.