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I think thats a good idea..

hi guys..did you guys got any kind of receipt after the admission?
I have to submit documents in my office and i dont have any kind of proof.

hi...I am coming on 4th..anyone on that day??

and where will they take the 10000 dept. or in bank??

rony.subhra Says
whats ur name?? no news abt admsn .. dey r taking a whole lot of time.. how was ur gd/pi?

well my name is Gd was ok types..but PI was good..since i have work ex..they asked me form that area and also about myself and my career plans..

Hi everyone..
i am also planning to join MBM..
is the admission date out yet?
MHROM is already on the way..

Mine on 24th group 1,
anyone on that date?

Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
Till last year you probably wouldn't dream of partying a night before the CAT. However, this year, all you had to do if you were unable to take the CAT because of a hangover, is hit the 'resend' button. One such ca
Puru bose @crazy_puru

Guys please check the link in Hyd times..My sis told me this morning about it..

I took the test in IEM,kolkata this morning..Everything is smooth..

1) How many attempts you have made?
QA 12
VA 8
DI 14
2) Your last mock score?
Range of 70 to 85
3) How was your experience of the test?
It was good. But we have to wait before our test starts and it was just irritating and you tend to loose focus
4) What was the surprise element for you? was really not the CAT standard paper
5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?
Listen better. See better.
Please be careful with Next button as the Quit test button is just close to it.
6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, sections etc.
DI Calculative
DS not so sure with my own asnwers :D
VA easy with balanced questions
QA Ok types with mixed questions
7) Any other query or something you would like to share with us.
Just brush up the basics.Stay cool and clam and enjoy the test.

All the Best..


I took the test in IEM,kolkata this morning..Everything is smooth..

Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
So its a virus after all. 'Vital Information Resource Under Siege' is what, according to Prometric played truant with the online testing of CAT 2009. A press note released by Prometric and IIMs on November 29, 2009 says:
Puru bose @crazy_puru

Are they playing a joke with our future????