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Is there a facebook group for Schulich admits? If so please link me...

Moonbutt, I tried PG-mailing you but somehow PG-mailing does not seem to work for me, so I'll ask my questions right here (others too, please feel free to chip in) -

I have some doubts regarding applying for the visa -

As students, we just need to apply for the study permit (University) correct?

We don't really need to do anything extra or produce any other document other than in the university checklist, correct?

The temporary resident visa gets added to the passport when we send our stuff in for the study permit, right? Do we need to add anything extra (certificate/doc etc) to our package to get the temporary resident visa?

Did you apply at Chandigarh or Delhi? Which one's faster?


Got an admit for Fall '12 as well..

Hi Kalpana!!
Have you got an admit for fall 2012? Please share your profile and how are things going on at your end. I have applied for an education loan, waiting for the sanction to apply for the visa!

Hey Does anyone know if medical examination is mandatory for the Visa to Canada? I do not have a center in my city and will have to get it done from New Delhi, so any information would be helpful.

Based on what I've read online, it is my interpretation that a medical exam is necessary if you are going to be there longer than six months (which you are) and are a citizen of India.

So I have a few questions regarding the entire visa process, I realize some of these questions may sound trivial to a lot of you, but I need the help so can you people please take a look and help? Or perhaps this has already been discussed and maybe you can link me?

Here goes -

1. To study at a Canadian University, we Indians need a study permit AND a temporary resident visa, correct?

2. Both of those can be applied for at the same time at Chandigarh or New Delhi, correct? (either in person or by mail?)

3. Since Rotman and other well known schools come under the umbrella of the AUCC, we can apply for the study permit under the 'University' category, can we not?

4. For the temporary resident visa, let me copy paste from the vfs website -
"Proof of Employment such as:
Letter from employer confirming salary and length of employment and/ or employment contract.
Leave granting letter from employer
Salary statements.
Business licenses and/or registration."

Does this mean as proof of employment would a letter from employer be enough or we need to show a letter from employer + salary statements + whatever else applies?

5. Proof of personal funds - I expect to take my parents help for this (along with bank loan and my own savings). Does this mean along with showing my parents bank account do I also need to take a letter from my folks which says they will help me with my expenses?

Thank you!

Hello Charmaine, I have tried to reach out to the Admissions office at Schulich repeatedly in the recent past but every time I call or email, I never seem to get the information I need, can you please help?

I applied to Schulich on 1st February, on 9th April I received an email saying that I meet all the requirements for admission but space availability for Fall 2012 was a concern and that I would be emailed again by May 7th with information about when I can join the school (i.e. Fall 2012 or Spring 2013). May 7th is now over but I still have no information from the school.

Can you please look into the matter and help me?

Hi Dilip, did you take the IELTS before applying for the visa? (The VFS website says it is strongly recommended.) If so did you take the IELTS-Academic or the IELTS-general? I've tried asking around but no one seems to have a definitive answer.

AartiR1982 Says
Hi everybody, I appeared for my interview yesterday for Sauder. It went pretty well. I have been told that I should expect some response within a couple of weeks. I applied in R2.

Hey Aarti, would you be so kind as to share some details about your interview experience. Anything would help.

Also, and this question is for everyone, I assume we need to take the academic IELTS and not the general IELTS for visa processing, correct? Please advise.


I applied to Schulich on Feb 1, 2012 but have not even received an "application complete" email from the school. I tried emailing the school for info but got no response. What would you kind people suggest I do to get an update on application status?