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Hi Gary ,

The news does travel fast , I was to post about the countdown clock , had gone out , and just returned .. and you beat me at this one :)

yes the countdown is ticking ... and it at the moment reads 23 more days to go .. I couldnt fathom , whether the seniors are happy at seeing the 23 days .. or were they sad ..

I somehow felt that they were happy ... they were happy that they still have 23 more days to be at a lovely loving place called GIM :)



The clock seems to have changed with the generations. It is more of a flip clock, like the ones in the cricket score boards of the good ol' days. Nostalgia is setting in. Dunno how I am gonna adjust anywhere else

None of my batchmates have pledged a collateral and have availed of the loan at either 8.5% or 9.5% (SBI).

hope this solves ur query...



Just to add on....there is a rebate of 0.5% for girls and there is also a separat rebate of 0.5% if you start paying the interest amount as you study. This is with reference to andhra bank where the rate is around 8.75%.


P.s GIM discounts can be availed at many places in and around panjim....just ask for it before the bill is presented to you

No phone numbers here dude.....rules of the forum prohibit sharing phone edit ur can send personal messages but no direct posting on the forum.....:neutral:

And about the lappie, guys its up to you to buy one on you own with a config of your choice or anyways as the college gets you lappies, you can always collectively decide upon the configuration you want. We have got IBMs but you can collectively ask for any make. I would suggest wait and watch, dont hurry n buy a lappie.



Exactly the same feelings as sourav....Was missing in action too. I have got my summers in VSNL mumbai and have finally reached mumbai. Hope to meet atleast a few of you here.

First of all let me congratulate each and every one of you who have got through to GIM.

Hope to see you all in goa

Meanwhile, if you have any more querries shoot....


P.s: Missing goa already, not as much for the place but for the lack of connectivity.:(

srk4u Says
sourav boss pls dont discourge yaar...i m really hopeful of gim with 95% in xat n gud gd/pi..

Dont worry or get discouraged.

This is one time when you can just sit back and wait.

Hope for the best.


my panelist told me that they will select one candidate from each group is that right??

I too agree with saurav, it is not possible that they will select one candidate from each group. Last year three students were selected from my GD/PI batch alone. It is all dependent upon the composite grades, and are decided later. I can assure you this that there have been instances where no one has been picked from an entire GD/PI batch and where 2 or 3 have been picked from the same batch.


Good work guys, keep the good posts coming.

Again wishing good luck to all.


hey guys, just another question.. what would be the ideal dress code for the gd-pi. im not too much into formals and had wore them to isbm-pune interview. man it was tough.

also the seniors at gim, hows "jeans-tshirt" wear at gim, or are formals needed all 5 days of week.

"Why do SuperHeroes wear their Undies outside"

Well good news for you, formals are not compulsary on GIM campus. Jean Tshirt wear is fine with GIM.

Hey Smileyface thx for the info. But tell me one thing, where exactly in delhi was your interview-YMCA or ISI?

Hey seniors, do the faculty keep changing everyday? What I mean is, do YMCA faculty go to ISI the next day and vice versa?

Thanks for the help..

BTW, I have my interview on the 7th in ISI, Delhi, 8.45 am


Nope, faculties dont change everyday. For each city there is a set panel of two.

hi all,
this all is making me quite nervous,especially the gd topics b'coz all gd toppics i have heard are either
1)totally abstract like "Atom" ,"Mother". I really don't understand how to discuss on these type of topics & wat points to raise.Amigo,coolcucumber pls help.
2)GK based topic & my gk is no sooo gud & i donot know things so much in detail so as to discuss them.
I have my gd/pi on 7th at mumbai 8:45 slot.
seniors pls gd topics get repeated??


Generally GD topics dont repeat. The trick for such abstract GD topics is to try to understand what all possible things they can mean, and how you think of it. Let your thoughts fly. Be creative, thats all I can say. And no need to be nervous, you dont have to speak much. Make a few points, valid ones which would show the panel you can think on your own. Then maybe build up on someone points if possible. This shows teamwork. Also dont create a fishmarket. Its not about who can speak the most but how you all work in a team.

Good luck