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Thanks for the useful information Rohit :o
I've been selected for HR which was my 3rd priority but want FT or Finance which were my 1st and 2nd preference respectively. I'm not willing to join HR as I dont have any interest in that field and will only be joining if I get FT or Fin.
My question is than when shall it would be clear that if my course is goanna change according to my choice, as then Ill have to resign from my job and that process would take time for more than a month.

u can see if u r upgraded only whn the next lists come out..
list wll b out for around for 4 -5 times depending on time and waitlist movements.. u can upgraded to FT/FIN in first list or may /may not in last all depends on ur rank in waitlist ...
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debanjandas Says
I have given the resignation : 18th June is my last working date. Hope the session dosent start before 18th.

dont worry session ll be aftr 20 june only
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Hello seniors,
though I am not yet selected at IMT, but who knows about waitlist, I might get a convert....and I am about to buy a just wanted to check whether IMT provides laptop to its students or students need to get it their own???

students need to get thr own.. thy can buy thmselves or aftr session strts college will arange for bulk deals..
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mbailoveyoumore Says
hey senrs pls waitlistd wid 98.38 percntl............but i hav 57 percntl in englsh...........i wil be happy wid any corse in imt i stand a chnc in latr waitlists

to my knowledge last year sectional cut off was 60 percentile..this year i hv no idea abt tht
keep ur fingers crossed
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hello ppl
i have small query

i got 98.61 this year (all secs above 91)
IMT - G Finance Confirmed
missed out iims and mdi this yr
i'm a fresher
should i join imt this year itself or give cat another shot
i am an engineer in electronics
got 2 jobs but in IT(infy and HCL)
Infy joining 19th july
in a big dilemma
pls help me out what to do?

the call is urs only whther to join...if u ask ppl here some wll say 'yes' or 'no'.. evryone will say according to his/her perspective..
i ll say that u think wat u want to do and take decision such that u remain happy wid it ...
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deepa_c Says
Could anybody findout the way of obtaining waiting list status?

thr is no such way.. as it's confidential with the college authorities... u ll be get to knw ur converts from waiting list only by the official result
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Hi Guys,

Very silly question but couldn't help asking. Does any kind of ragging take place at the hostel? Very scared of that.

dont worry abt ragging...its not a engg.. college
its a college for professionals.. thr will be only official personality development programme for a week for u guys
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Hi seniors n fellow puys,

Is dual specialization OR general MBA possible in IMT-G....i've been selected in FIN(my pref)


u can do only majors in one field and minors in othr no dual specialization
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@ Seniors

Which Companies Come For Recruitment For PGDM-IB? And What Are The Profiles They Offer?

whn u join IB, u need to majors in either Marketing/ Finance in 2nd year. comps will not be giving specific profiles to IB students. u all ll b getting same profiles as per the Marketin/ FIN guys depending on the majors.
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