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oh thanks for telling me that Bunny
in that case may be I should give her lift
and yes bunny with 5 years of CAT giving exp and 3 years of teaching for CAT exp I can also be of some use to newbies if u feel like

I'v got the car ths time so u cn do the honours for the next meet !!

n hey with 5 yrs of CAT giving exp n 3 yrs of teaching exp .. u call it "of some use" to newbies !!! man u can b hell lotsa help to thm !!! :)

If you want a lift then perhaps you could start addressing her as "gal" instead of "man" ;)


verryy well said !!! else i wud hv dropped u in sm remote corner of dilliii ;)

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Yo !!! CP 2:30pm !!! cooool .. ( i mean hot .. )

I guess Janpath Pizzaa hut is the same na whr they ran out of cutlery n evrythng thankfully not the pizzaaaz....
I'l b thr.. ! though bugs has already included me in the list ..phir bhi hamne socha ek baari confirm kar det hai taki kauno conphusion na rahii !!

p.s. nyone wants lift in ths heat .. js lemme know i'l b coming frm faridabad!!!

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Hiii all ...

I'm done vid my examz n now ths thread'z b my adddaa n of course orkut as well !!
by the way whts the name of the community ???

well i'm glad i'l b interacting vid my batchmates well before landing in thr .. it'l b a nice experience !! :)

i dnt evn know names of nyone here except alok n madhuri .. so gonna read the whole thread now !!
i hope all of u guyz r thr on orkut as well .. i mean on the community....


coolfrnd ( Priyanka )

Yay yay yay .. PG meet ... Diilllliiiiiiiiiiiiii mein ....

how come i cudnt see ths thread so far:wow:

CP wud b a good place to hang out.... n 20th may ! I'l b there ! ( confirmed )



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heyy guyz ....

I'm Priyanka Verma ... frm Faridabad ...

seems i'm too late to join XIME action finally i'm here

I'm presently pursuing CA .... n ths gonna keep me busy till 7th may ..( examz js ovr my head!!)

hope i'l catch all the action on orkut n on PG once im done vid these examz ....

@ Madhuri ... i'v to ask a few things abt the hostel n the institute so if u cud PM me ur contact or the email id !


hey ITM seniors ...

i had gd/pi in delhi on 21st apr..n hv bn waitlisted for ITM navimumbai campus......

cud u ppl plz share sm info ... whtz the scene... does the wait list for navi mumbai gets cleard....n by wht time... faculty ovr thr said aftr 23rd may !!!
aftr i pressed really hard on the sir thr..he buzzed thr r approx 20 ppl above u in waitlist.... though im nt sure ws he serious ..coz he buzzed vn i almost irritated him vid my queries

i hv ths feeling tht they vl offer ITM banglore to the waitlisted ppl..coz aftr the gd/pi process got ovr......... they announced .... ITM navimumbai.......... navimumbai waitlisted... or chennai / warangal campus to the selected students ..nt evn 1 student ws offered b'lore campus !!!! n ths ws the case in both the gd/pi batches!!!!

nd howz the b'lore campus in terms of infrastructure . faculty ???

another query .. today i hv bn selected for XIME b'lore n gotto deposit close to 1lakh by 10th may ?????
wht shud b done now

hope my queries get cleared b4 i scratch my head vid sm new queries



hii guyz ... i'm on no. 311 in gen. category ... cud nyone pls tell me is thr ny chance whtsoevr of making thru UBS coz the seats in gen category r too few!!!.. wht ws the scene last year!!!

congratos to all who r thru !!!



Aha ! finally my kinda thread on Pg !!
i js love coffee.... n tht too cold coffee.... summers or winters has to b chilled !!

wintery aftrnoons n cold coffee...its too amazing ..
though thts precisely the reason i'm alwayz on cough medicines all thru winters

Kaapi Nirvaana Nd Devil's Own AT CCD !!!!
nd home made coffee is the best .....nytime of the day... moreovr vn coffee is the only thing tht i cn make in the kitchen

Rock on!!!


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My All time fav.... is .......

It gives succhhh a mischievous look !!!

btw i like nnnn nnnnas well !!!

BUT nothing can beat !!!

P.S. till now i dint know a smiley( or whtevr it may b called )like ths:splat: is also thr on PG !!!

Good going PG delhi ppl !!!

Cool pics wud surely join the next meet! ;)

well BUGS se hamein jyaat hua ke aap har dillii meet mein vote karte hai parantu darshan to kabhi kabhi hi dete hai... to hamein tanik aapke next meet mein hone ka zara doubt sa hui raha hai ....
still remembr ur spidy act in the last meet....

Well fire_kris you are certainly not the last person to post ur experience..hum abhi bachi hu...]

Arre abhi to hum bhi hai........ reached home n thot i'l b the 1st one to post abt the meet ..... to see tht hamra cumpooter to crash hui gava haiii:neutral:

Hmmm.... nice meet .. :satisfie:

Before the start of the meet bugged BUGS twice ... to make sure v hv a meet !!!

ths meet ws a bit differnt thn the last one..... No nt only all of us vr missing the AC wala pizza hut ... hehe..
bt also ... in between the meet guyz startd discussing all serious stuff .. MBA .. placement n dunno wht not ... UTG .. sonia n neetu took me for shopping !!! something which i hate
ws wondering whether i ws better off sitting thr or shoppin' here .....

@sonia .. it ws really a sweetest album i hv seen so far ...

@ROS/Goraf/ Gaurav... i guess v shud give him one more name ... MOMOS lover !!!

during the meet ....UTG ne BUGS ka bhi naamkaran kar diya .. n bugs has been renamed as SUNEHRI ...

hmmmm.... looking frwd to next meet ...


P.S nice pics !!:)

P.P.S. @ saurabh ... thanx alot for the lift :)
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