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zehen Says
18th July???? Mera last day is 30th June. Baki din ghar pe aaram.

30th June is saturday!!!
My last is on 29th June!!!
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If any one keeping track of all the new IIMs, then pleaese share a few details like:
How many seats are there ?
When is the session gonna start ?
How many seats have been occupied so far ?
When is the next waitlist, if any ?

I called the individual admission office about 2 weeks back.
This is information I have.
Hope it helps

IIM Ranchi:
18 June - Classes starts!!!

IIM Trichy:
13 June - Registration + Orientation
18 June - Classes starts!!!

IIM Udaipur:
25 June - Classes starts!!!

IIM Raipur:
29 June - Classes starts!!!
ajstyles019 Says
dude... y r u losing "faith" in the "system"???

As if there was some...

When are the classes going to start?

I am not selected in the initial list.
But if I get selected in the coming waiting list (if any :p), there won't be enough time for me to serve the notice period which is 2months in my case.
So, am planning to resign based on my IITs converts.

Anybody having any idea, regarding course commencement ?

How did u avoid telling them ?

Chhutti kis bahane se li ?

Yaar agar main MBA ka bol deta, to forget about getting leaves
Instead they wud have overburden me :P
So I fell ill
singh gladiator Says
man .. i have not slept properly for the last 2 days ... interview questions were going on in my mind .... my eyes are red ... upar se office mein manager keeping asking .. " aaya nahi result tumhara " ... ;)

Have u told ur manager?
And why?

I have calls except Rohtak :(
Any other new IIMs result expected today???

Oh! You are sounding like my boss.. hihi...

I am from delhi actually, I have my GF in mumbai. So i just want to spend a day with her! thats y.

And moreover at morning there are less delays. IIT is 30 mins from Airport. So I guess reaching at 8 - 8:30 is comfortable.

sorry buddy, if I sounded like ur boss :p
Me too from Delhi, n m flying on 22nd for the aforementioned reason.
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zehen Says
Mumbai to Chennai 23rd july 2012, 6:05 AM Spicejet

are brother, do take into consideration the flight delays!
they are providing us a room on 22nd as well.
So why not book a ticket for 22nd?
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Hello Arnab,
I have 80% in 10th and 60% in 12th.
I faced quite a lot of problem during my B.Tech. campus placement.
I am earning around 6LPA now.
Do you suggest, I should go for IIT M and I won't face much problem during placements?

Hello Arnab / Richa

Please clear my doubt...

@Richa: Please approve my request on FB group (
Its been pending since 3-4 days.
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