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Neat thread blokes.I was pretty shaken myself abt the imp of acads b4 i gt into IIM C.Just keep in mind that all they want is IQ to use the MBA education n if a chap cracks 99+ pntile in Cat , he gt the IQ.N its pretty understandable how grades a college can be screwed due to regular fuckups.So all u guys have pretty cool chances provided u crack CAT.So keep the spirit going.ALL the best.

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watz happenin here.Guys dont be paranoid about an exam.Just coz India's population is shit high to make competition pretty tuff doesnt mean choosing pencils n stuff matters.Chillax , study and be cool instead of worrying about which underwear to wear on the D day.

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sriwatsan Says
Are there any snooker tables over there.. Im very interested.. Btw, will there be any time???

yup mate , there is a snooker table at one of the hostel..n there wud be enuf time to live life to its max buddy.

hiya ! so the agony uncle cooldude is back to the rescue.

@ desperate for iims -- wat they asked me and most guys in my group was more about the maths puzzles like those about clocks and series of numbers and racing guys n all.they asked me a twisted version of the travelling salesman problem and some general stuff about heuristics.wat i belive is that they dont ask engineering level maths but its more like high school and common sensical kinda maths wich require more brains than ne high and complicated hi funda engg level maths.

@ all pgdcm related queries- wud see if i can drag any pgdcm guy to the a pgdm guy so not much idea.

@naveen - the stuff we had to put in the form last year wasnt ne earth shakin stuff..cant recall much but it wasnt different frm all the general crap- why mba ,strengths , weaknesses , achievements , failures blah just prepare these thinz, which u neway gotta do fr the interviews.

@ rinku - about the hobbies , its somethin u do bcos u really enjoy it , so these guys expect u to know pretty much about u r an engg guy so u shud now wat an engg guy is expected know abt economics , they understand that u did a full time thing in eco and obviusly cant know as much as an eco grad. u know its pretty reasonable stuff , like i said chess so they asked me about the chess rankings stuff , the moves ,the famous games n ur case , they wud expect u to know abt eco frm a practical viewpoint rather than a real textbook kinda knowledge.

@ this is neo - no recos were asked fr last time .

guys , sorry fr the tardy responses .i know a lot of ur queries are still unanswered .ill try to come back.happy new year n all the best !

me ready to trouble the guys at Ernst and Young at fellow troublemakers ?

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hey iimc-ian

thanx a lot for ur help

can u plz tell me the relative weightage they give to cat score,atm,acads,xtra curric, and gd/pi for final admission to pgdcm.

also plz tell me how do i stand a chance being non iit-an'
my cat score card

di- 99.31

got 6 calls both pgdm&pgdcm; for iimc

10- 81%
12- 85%
engg(eie) 81%(upto 3rd year)

no work-ex
extra curri: painting, chess, cartooning

hey guys , will try to dish out watever i know regarding ur queries soon.u see , just too caught up with all these movies n sleeping n chatting. tuf life.

neways, nidea ,

relative weightage to all these parameters u mentioned ...umm...u know , knoocking out muhammad ali wud have been easier than answering this one.i really dont know n i guess very few wud.but what i feel is that the percentile does matter . i had a lot of friends with a percentile similar to mine (99.74) n wat i felt was that most of us got thru C inspite of varying interviews.but u know , this is just my take.n howdz it matter buddy , u got just one aim - do ur best.simple.

n plz dont make being a NON IITIAN sound like being dawood ibrahim mate.

uve got a great chance since u got cool acads .its nothing like that only IITians make it , no way , else i wudnt have been here.

IIM Calcutta ( not Kolkata )
hey cool dude
one more query
Myself from Computer Sc department IIT Bombay ..
the list of subjects which you have mentioned . do i need to throughly revise
each and every detail just like for exams or just knowing in some detail
will do


shahji its not like an exam level prep bcos u dont expect these IIM profs to remember each n every detail themselves.just revis the concepts involved and the basic fundas n in DS, u must know the concepts of linked lists , queses,stacks,the types of sorting n seacrching....but of course things can get a lil deeper if a comp science guy turns up in ur panel..but my experience has been that its all at a pretty cool level and not too deep.they just look at ur grasp of the basic concepts rather than how much u mugged up.


hallo rinku jee,
unfortunately or fortunately , i am also a comp engg wid no exp though not frm the hallowed IIT -D but the not-so-hallowed NSIT(earleir DIT).if i launch into flashback n try to recall my interview tech questions , they asked me about artificial intellgence , heuristics , travelliing salsmman problem , a lil about compilers.but wat i suggest is that u try to revise n brush up the foll subjects:

6.Data Structures

this is wat i think wud b cool after my adventures last year of attending 6 IIM interviews.

First Year
IIM Calcutta

I am final year student of computer engg from IIT-D.

I have calls from IIM c,l. pl tell me what type of tech questions are asked
from computer engg students and quality of CAREER LAUNCHER PDP .

do you think that joining one coaching institute is sufficient for GD/PI?

i have heard in IIMC PI ppl esp engg's are always grilled on maths questions which is of bit higher level than quant .. like Diff equations .. etc
linear algebra ??

is it true ...

ok so vidhu dada is already handing out his valuable "nuggets of wisdom" here at i thot that mebbe ill butt in n drop around some pearls of gyaan myself.but a lil "belive at ur risk" tag is attatched to each of these pearls.

@gaurav_sh89- yea,wat uve heard is quite a possibility at the C interview.theyve traditioanlly been in love with maths and have quite an itch to ask stuff like diff equations , linear maths ,compelex nos and puzzles.u know the maths based puzzles like all those clocks and series n all.

@the no of calls-ill see if i can find out nething from the acad office,though im not sure the lazybums there would b happy to tell me this.

hav fun.
IIM Calcutta

hey guys.congrats to all the ppl who came thru to the next stage.keep fighting...the goal is too near..just the last push.all the best !!
hope to ye a lotta pg guys at iim c this year.infact , some pretty lasses to go with these guys wud be even better.

First Year
IIM Calcutta