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Hi ,
I don't know if this is the right thread to post this query.

Here is my question.
My husband has a MBA in marketing anf finance(dual specialization). He did his MBA in 2005 and the institute he did it from does not have much reputation. Its MS University in Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu). He worked after that as a Regional Sales Manager in ShareKhan securities for 2 years.
There after he moved to Dubai and worked in Construction logistics for 3.5 years.

Now he is back in India and is looking for a job. We are trying for Logistics jobs but he gets a rejection as all construction companies need a BE Civil.(he is a or if he tries for Logistics in some other industry they say he does not hav required experience.
We are not sure how to go about things. Further. He was thinking of doing a course in SAP or Oraccle apps SCM domain and trying for a job as Functional consultant.Can anyone please advise what should be the right move .we are really lost right now.

Please help.

i am a engineering graduate with over 3 years f experience in it...i am curently in dubai at lloking for the emba course...when do these courses begin? i did see tht there is one scheduled fror june.i would not be in a position to join that .so when can i expect the next course?

hey.. i am currently in dubai on visit visa ..will that stop me from taking gmat exams here .please reply

hey guys ..please help...i amnot able to aupload my atma score card..should the doc be ina any particular foramt????pls help

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Out right rejected!! not even in WL!!
1st GD, 1st PI 1st Psyco test and 1st reject , now that is an achievement
So one more lesson learnt having a super GD/PI does'nt imply anything!! Wat abt you??
ADB for all those who made it..and for others any plan to kickoff season 09 pls PM me :)

same rejected after 30 months work experience with a organisation liek patni and national stock exchange.. iwonder if thy give calls looking at the faces now..
harisreez Says
Thanks shambavi , will defi inculde this if and when i start writing a blog! ;)i know it was long and was out of topic- which i have clearly mentioned @ the beggi of the same. My sole intention was to cheer the gloomy aspirants in the thread. Things were getting pretty out of hand at certain times. SO i tot may be the truth will give them a eye opener.. Now that the reults are out ther is no way anyone can console the people who dint make it.. Any way all the best for ur future.

hey...u selected or even u rejected???
Hi i got eBiz waitlist 1 ......

hope i convert

hey whts ur pofile and the score u applied with ..pls let me know

hey guys ..please help me ..i am a roam catholic.i have 30 months work expirience in IT ..(patni computer)
my CET score is 89 percentile and ATMA is 96..can i make it to XIMR.Please let me know

megha14387 Says
Did ur fren get a mangmnt seat or a nrmal 1?

well he said open seat..pata nahi but how far thts he is bade baap ka beta

1 MRE THNG- did ur fren get d course he/she wntd? i wnt hr
specialization is to be given before the second year.not now.