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Amazing thread. Got a lot of much-needed info. There is one thing that I'd like to ask though, which hasn't ben covered so far. We have discussed over and over again that McK, BCG and the likes recruit from Indian B-Schools quite happily. Is it only the India offices of these companies we are talking about? I'm basically trying to find out if they recruit for their homeland offices also or not. Well, most likely they do, but what I'm specifically interested in knowing is, what are the numbers? I mean, how many grads get a placement in one of the US offices of one of these consulting companies (just to clarify, not just the giants but even tier-2 companies), in a particular placement season of say the IIM A, B and C.

Any gyan on these lines would be greatly appreciated.

Got one more small query. Any idea which is the fav consulting firm for the semiconductor industry? May not be any single one but generally....


Anyone has an idea how much Nokia N91 costs, from a certified store?

Hey Pari,

Thanx man for your views, gyan from B-schoolers is always welcome. You mentioned about the IT placements and some guys applying only to them. Well, ther stories around the placements at top B-schools ALWAYS have investment and consulting firms in them. It seems that IT companies just do not go to these institutes, though I'm sure they would be. It would be great if you can give an idea about the IT companies visiting IIMB, the kinda profiles offered and of course, the salaries...

And does IIMB have MBA in Systems? What is the course content of a Systems? It would be great if you can give a fair idea of all these things, without taking too much time.

And congrats for your new job!


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Hi guys,

I hope all of you who were a part of this thread are still around. It is really surprising to me that this thread did not see any further activity. I think this is the most appropriate one discussing MBA for people from IT. I mean any guy who works and loves IT, but for some reason plans to change tracks, would love to read this.

I was just looking to find out the best B-school in India for IT placements. Stories of IIM-A always talk about Goldman Sachs and McKinsey :-). I mean the best IIMs always seem to be having banking companies and investment firms knocking their doors. I'm also looking for the salary packages generally offered in the kinda profiles that Vivek and Sachin have written about. And which companies recruit for such profiles?

Finally thanks manduks for posting the article here. It has really given a great idea of the profile of a Systems MBA.


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Come to Cadence guys....I can assure you there is no site except of course porn sites (I tried that once) which are blocked. E-mails with HUGE attachments are also allowed!!! Enjoy surfing!! And if that gets boring, go play pool...I used to do all this when I joined new, ab to no time 4 all this...

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Ha ha.. It's a popular rumour that this is an Easter Egg in Windows... but that's not true. There's a more logical reason behind being unable to make a folder named "con".

I beg you to clearly read the error message. This clearly says that this is an invalid file name.

Remember DOS? Remember typing C:\copy con xyz ?

Con stands for the system CONsole. You might get a similiar effect when you try to name a folder "lpt1" or "com1" for the simple reason that these already mean something to Windows.

And I'm certain Mr Gates knows this.

I did not see any error message. Only that it keeps the folder/file name as "New Folder"/"New text document"....
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If MBA cant get us a good salary..let it be so..
but it open doors to the closed orchards..
it is the "opportunity" to spend two years with the smartest people of india...
getting the chance to stand out from the crowd...
it is the chance...
if any one remembers the lines from spiderman 2 when DR.Octopus talks with spiderman abt intelligence and priviledges...quote them here...
we r here to prove ourselves(this is not the only way!)...test our limits...
and try to surpass them too...

Money is not is more like fighting for glory..

(just like archilles hearing his mom's advice in "troy") follows the winners...

That line does make an impact dude!! I'm sure many of us feel that way, its the feeling of achieving something...
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ok Zango I saw ur post asking not to use this forum to express personal opinions. I actually read the first few posts and then replied didn't get a chance to see ur post near the end. Anyways I hope someone can help.

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Well this is truly shocking. but I'd assume that the guy himself must have done something to irk the police guys. infact something really nasty that things reached this level. Otherwise I think things are not really this bad in India. I may be wrong but I'd like to think +ve about the state of affairs.

In any case those goons deserved to be dismissed and I appreciate the courage of the guy in taking the matter to the authorities. BTW I also saw something on the road recently. This was in NOIDA near my office in NSEZ. A bus driver was really speeding and driving rash. Unfortunately for him a police jeep was behind him. The jeep overtook him and the cops pulled him out of the cockpit and thrashed him badly. i mean you should see it to believe it, they really do it mercilessly. That was wrong I'd say, though the driver himself was at fault. But maybe laaton ke bhoot baton se nahi mante....and plz don't think I mean this for the IIM guy's story as well!!

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why do u wanna continue as an intern for 2-3 years? I mean companies recruit interns only to absorb them after some time depending on recs. So it sounds misplaced when u say that u wanna be an intern. Think bigger man! And maybe this kinda work-ex may not be considered as good enuff by the MBA institute admissions board.

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