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i understand ur anxiety..even i was going thru the same...but seniors have confirmed that as such there were no buffer calls. and every work ex guy has resigned on the basis of that letter only.
The only confirmation u can get from NITIE office is of accaptance of ur DD.

So on submission of the DD they r not giving the confirmation letter??
mine was in the 3rd list and received the same letter which you are mentioning,

so no need to worry :cheers:

So has the 3rd waitlist been already exhausted??

Actually i need to resign from the job.
How can one ignore the letter as it is the official communication from nitie??The letter has really created a big confusion!!!
Have u got confirmation from nitie that ur admission is confirmed??
Just ignore the spooky language

Your seat is confirmed as long as you send the Demand Draft by 14th June


Is ur name also in fourth list??
Have u received the letter
As long as you deposit the dd by 14th, you would get confirmed seat. :)

Kindly ignore the wordings mentioned in letter.

Well it is very clearly mentioned in the letter for foruth waitlist people dat confirmed seat depends on availability of vacant seats.
It states dat admission is provisional nd seat is not confirmed.!!!

my name is mentioned in the fourth waiting list given on nitie website.
Yesterday I recieved a letter from nitie stating that this admission is provisional and subject to availability of seats.It also states dat admission offer may be cancelled if vacant seat is not dere.
So does this mean that by depositing the fees by 14th.....i wont be getting confirmed admission??

I hav got a convert from XLRI HRM dis year.
I wanted to know is it true that growth in HR is slower as compared to people from fin/mktg. backgrounds..?

young monk Says
I am quite surprised by this post, don't you know that cutoff for XL call is in higher 80s

can u tell most people who got finally selected in xlri hrm course are above which percentile??

i am getting the character certificate from a gazetted officer...but he doesnt have a letterhead.So can i get it on a plain A4 paper??

wat was the last percentile at which one was able to clear gdpi in pgdim general category last year

wat was the last percentile at which one was able to convert the call in pgdim general category last year