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THE AWARD FOR WORST ADMISSION CRITERIA/PROCESS GOES TO SP JAIN MUMBAI.. All this in the name of so called 'UNIQUE' admission process. I have concluded it is all a sham.

I am really very disappointed with the way they have handled the aspirants and I can only imagine the situation of still hopefuls (if there is anyone left!!).

Western Efficiency & Easters Ethos... what a joke!!!!

Anyways, a very best of luck to all the people waiting for more lists. Hope your name figures in that one...

Hi Puys,
I believe there will be one more (probably the final) list put up as some IIMs have come up with Positive Waitlist Movements.

A point that you have been missing is that the subsequent lists that come up are hugely dependent on the lists that other Institutes come up with. So as long as there are other Institutes coming up with lists, you will have to wait. Once that is stable, I don't see a reason why SPJIMR should not conclude its Admission Process.

Hope this "somewhat" justifies the "Delay"!
all the best!

Puys, I satisfy ( ) the criteria in 5 and would like to be in for this is my best chance to visit Bengaluru before I join SPJIMR this year! I don't know when it would next happen! Keeping my fingers crossed mX Xm.

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People who are joining SPJIMR, please joing the GG at

All those who are definitely joining SPJIMR please sign up for the google group at and facebook group at≈=1

A gentle reminder to all those who are joining SPJIMR to join the google group for 2011-2013 Batch. Here is the link
Welcome aboard!

Hi puys,

Back after a long time. I advise you to go ahead and form a Google Group as many people find facebook irksome for discussions on minor queries. Also, we had many of our seniors last year who helped us a lot on Google Group with all sorts of queries.

It would be great if one of you can take ownership of creating a google group. Let me and Jasmeet know once it is done. We will ask our batchmates to join in as well and to help you all.

Lastly, please add only those people who have got a final call and those who convert their waitlist because people who have not yet got through might find the discussions demotivating. However, as and when their waitlist starts getting cleared, the moderator can then add them in the group.

Hi Amit and Jasmeet,
I have created a google group (!forum/spjimr20112013).
Request you to join and pull in our other seniors too. :)
Hey Puys

Immersion reimbursements will be cleared by 21st April and then accordingly credited to your accounts. Faculty has informed that waitlist will not be out before 25st April. I'll keep you informed for further updates.

Jasmeet Singh

PS : For all specific queries (loan, hostels etc.) of those who are joining, it would be a better idea if one of u take fwd the task of creating a Google group. I'll ask people from my batch to join and help you guys with all such queries.
PPS : Moderator should only allow people those who have converted to join the group.

Jasmeet, We have already formed a Facebook group @ Login | Facebook
People have asked individual queries to the AdCom and the same have been posted on the forum for everybody else to know.
Request others to join the group.

For all those who have converted SPJIMR and haven't joined this page, here is the link again.
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See you there!

Sorry to say dude, but what a pathetic analysis!!!

You have any stats about the ratio of girls/boys applying in indian colleges against the institutes you are talking about?

I hope you know that not everyone(almost) wants to become an engineer in those countries. Hence the no. of non-engineers (and with gud profiles) is huge!! (the ratio in engineering is better than us but on the same lines!)

Puys, I fail to understand why is everybody comparing SPJIMR with any other B-Schools!
SPJIMR is unique in itself, and for that matter, every other college is! The fame and reputation that SPJIMR enjoys is due to this uniqueness. Had this uniqueness not been logically correct, you would have not aspired for it and as a result, it would not be what it is today.
Secondly, we as candidates are in no position to question their selection policies. If they find us fit for the institute, they will select us!
All these comparisons are not going to help you conclude anything!

Those who haven't joined the Facebook Group SPJIMR 2011-2013 yet, here is the link.
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