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Add me to the waitlist queue..

I would say this is very unprofessional on ISB's part.. If they have posted that results will be declared on or before 15th Nov, it should be done on that date. Whether it is an admit/reject or waitlist.

I felt the same thing during my telephonic interview. I was asked to call back 10 mins later. I was like Whatttt?? Then they rushed through my entire interview. That is not expected from a Management school. If you know that some interviews go over time, have a window of 10-15 mins between interviews. Setting an example for time management.. are they?

It is 11pm in Minneapolis.. Shd go to bed. Bt I highly doubt if I will get any sleep.. Hope to wake up with a reason to smile.. All the best puys..

Interesting post on ISB Blog today.. Good read while you are counting down..
ISB Blog 10-Professors

R2 applicants may find it useful for essays/interviews etc.

BTW for R1 guys.. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock..

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Only 1 more day to go...

Dude.. Seeing your post.. my heart just skipped a beat.. The question though is, Is ISB going to publish results around 4pm like last year or early morning tomorrow? Either ways.. Wish everyone all the best.. Fingers crossed..
You think its possible for any body to stay off PG...........
rather you will see more people joining PG to join this thread.......
Just like i did a couple of days back.................:))))

With that note.. let me hop in on this thread as well.. Have been regular visitor here since last week, so here is my first post.. Had my interview on Nov 2nd.. and the wait for the results has been killing me.. All fingers crossed for 15th Nov..