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Hey Guys

Good to see you all here. What kind of techniques do you think we can adopt during preparation to cross cutoffs in MICAT this year, especially since MICAT is going to be tougher. Apart from fellow aspirants, advice from present MICA students and alumni will be fantastic


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Hey Puys

Here's a review of my experience at SIMC during the selection process for the MBA-Advertising course on 8th February.

After the registration process and the 20 minute presentation made by staff of the institute, we were taken to our gd and pi building.

After 30 minutes of waiting at around 10.30 pm, it was our group's turn to do the gd. There were 8 boys, 2 girls and 2 absentees in a group of what should have been 12 students. Each of us had 30 seconds to express our views on the topic before it was open to the house. I was in the same group as Mr. Pixel and our topic was 'Should sex education be introduced in schools'. It was picked from a lot of about 15 topics by a student of the group. We were given as little as 7-8 minutes on the topic leaving pretty much nobody the chance to make an impression. I don't understand how it would have been possible to judge 10 students on a scale of 50 in such a short time.

After a 2 hour wait, at about 12.30 the personal interview was rushed through because our panelists was running way behind schedule as a consequence of having spent an average of 10-15 mins per student for 12 students of the previous group. As a result, each member of our group had at most 6 qs in a pi that lasted less than 5 mins. Again, it is perplexing to comprehend how one's abilities and skills can be judged in such a short time frame.

The infrastructure at SIMC is exceptional consisting of 10 studios and a few more labs. The wi-fi campus is also home to SIBM-Pune and SITM. The campus is beautiful and the canteen has a pan-Indian menu for tongues and stomachs from all over the country. The placements could be better.

All the best for your interviews this year. Hope you make it into a college of your choice


Hey Guys

Thanks a lot. This stuff is very informative:p

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