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Aur bhai log ??? How was the exam ??

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wanted to let everyone know that i am only in the early stages of my preparation and if others are too, please donot lose heart...this post is to motivate people who are sitting for the june exam but have yet to seriously get into the material...i also have full faith that it can be done easily :cheerio:

if u have not done so till now start the grind

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Thanks for the valuable tips Chuds!

Where can one find the video lectures you've mentioned?

what tips ??? waise i don't think the video lectures are available online...i got them on DVD's from laxmi xerox
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started with my prep but have not covered any substantial ground till date....focusing on completing FRA and FI first as they are huge..tip: get the video lectures; they are of immense assitance

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I am gettin schweser notes(2009 or older)-5 sections its seems, for a good amount(700rs). Should I take it.. I am plannin to go for CFA L1 in dec 2011 or jun 2012. I just plan to get the notes first, and see if i can go for the exam before i spend money registering..

I know that the 2011 syllabus has changed..
But the basics would be same to an extent right. Should ibuy those notes..

Thanks in advance
prashant Rangarajan

20% syllabus changes each year i.e 20% for 2009 to 2010 and then 20% on top of it i.e. 44% change...also 2009 material should be free (whoever is giving it)... the latest notes in hard copy cost like 1000.. no use saving 300 bucks for outdated material...

final decision is up to you
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the results for december Level 1 are out...

the junta which failed unfortunately, will also be joining in soon

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i actually do want to give exam level 1 in june 11 but want 2 register later and study early just to make sure i am fit for course

i hpe its not strating too early?after all the books are huge..around 3000 pages?

don't worry about the course.. you can check but i don't think the schweser books will be available for the 2011 curriculum...
the course can be completed easily for level 1 in three months if you study with dedication but no harm in starting early
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and the corresponding names of books are

Financial Statement Analysis 754
Ethical & Professional Standards and Quantitative Analysis 662
Economics 828
Equity & Fixed Income 456
Corporate Finance & Portfolio Management 724
Derivatives & Alternative Investments 428

hope i am right in matching?

and could someone please suggest me where can i buy, old or new, these books in india?

you can try Ber Sarai Market in Delhi or Laxmi Xerox in Mumbai but i feel there is no need for the books if you donot want to give the exam.

people who clear the exam are also not likely to sell the books as they want them for future reference.
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isb2012 Says
Can someone share a plan they have devised for the exam? Have been planning L1 for some years now (!!) and decided to take the plunge last week. Agreed there are just about 3 months to go. I have a CTP from AFP - not sure how much it would help. I am just fast tracking and just wondering what the study plans for puys look like!

no plan just rush through the course once to get a feel of all the material and also to know which are the difficult portions and need more effort

then accordingly revise the material to consolidate
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it cost me 51,900 for fee...i paid yesterday...

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