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bhagirath MPA @bhagi88
I have a friend who has spoken to a prof involved with admissions at XLRI today and they said that generally people with WL of arnd 80 can be hopeful for a convert.Congrats to all of those below that mark :smiley:
Siva Jagadish Chebiyyam @chsjnitw

As per the UNOFFICIAL info i got to know, currently only 120 calls are given for bm. The college authorities are interested in increasing the number of seats but they are not doing so because of some legal issue.The final call regarding this will be taken soon. They have put 200 members on waitlist because they want to increase the seats if the legal issue gets sorted out. Having said that, i really dont know the probability of the legal issue getting sorted out.

link is accessible now...i have seen my friend's result

2012-14,Business Management,XLRI

Hi Dilli Dreamers,

Good to see that the thread is very active.I was part of this team last year.Your team is much more active compared to ours.Wishing you all the best for your cat and xat preparation.

I am currently in my first year at XL. So,if you guys have any doubts regarding xat preparation, send me a pm on this id.

All the best.

Siva Jagadish.

2012-14,Business Management,XLRI
Till now original WL 80 has converted

aviewtoakhil ___________ Converted
bhatesc ______________ Converted (converted GIM)
RNIE _________________ Converted(joined Great Lakes)
Yeomun_______________ Converted
madhav24_____________ Converted

Aniket97______________@WL 3____________ willing to join
Harshpas______________@WL 5____________
psycho killer_________@WL 10____________ willing to join
Tach__________________@WL 15____________ yet to decide
The Quiet Punk _______@WL 20____________ (Joining MDI)
prerna513 ____________@WL 22____________ Willing to join
ajit10 _______________@WL 22____________
iamheretostay ________@WL 22____________

Congrats to all the new converts!!!

Request LOLn3ss , pk46, SilverLion, neel88, RegretMan, niktheonly1 to plz update the list..
Also fellow puys.. plz update who all are willing to join in the list mentioned..
It would be great help to all of us..

My original waitlist number is 95 and I wont be joining if I convert.Got through XLRI.
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@ Sidhanth

Congratulations on FMS convert.It seems you have made up your mind to join Joka.Have a good time there.Looking forward to meet you at Joka some day.

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Waitlisted at 95 for sibm pune...But converted XLRI BM yesterday

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Selected for BM @ XLRI

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DanRay Says
It is not an error. ........................ If there are no empty seats, there shouldn't be any new date for further movement. We should all have gotten a rejection letter. Which we haven't.

Wrong logic bro...Suppose let us assume all the seats have been filled.There is a chance that people may withdraw their admission in the next 10 days if they get a convert from the IIMs.Hence, there is a chance for waitlist movement.
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Can anyone tell the present waitlist movement.I am not there in waitlist but I sincerely hope waitlist gets exhausted and people like me get chance to get into their dream school.
Sibm-If not this year then definitely next year.

On 2nd April, the waitlist got cleared till 49.The next movement will be on 12th April...There were 105 members approximately in the waitlist declared on 21st Feb.
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Guys...Please update your details in the above mentioned link for the sake of waitlisted candidates.Thanks in advance
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