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Hi puys,

I will be moving to Blr shortly and therefore would like to join this group for preparing for GMAT. To give a brief about myself, I am not new to GMAT - have taken GMAT before, this time my only aim is to get a target score of 730+.

Self study is the best way forward. How are you all interacting? Gtalk/FB ???

Hi all,

Can someone evaluate my profile and let me know my chances on getting a call from NUS?

Xth - 91.81%
XIIth - 97.25%
B.E. (BITS Pilani) - 7.16/10
GMAT - 650

Work experience : 3.6 years in IT
Served as a developer/technical lead

Elected Event manager for corporate events at office; Organized several competitions at office; Compere at office events

Thanks Jeewant for the initiative.
Here is a snapshot of my profile.
GMAT- 650/ 5.5
Profile- IT Consultant - 3.6 years
Experience: Banking, Telecom, Event management

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I am in

Mine as well is on 17th (afternoon session).
Regus Business Center,
Chennai City Center
Level 6, 10/11 Dr. Radhakrishna Salai, Chennai, 600 004

Delhi 9th March Afternoon slot

XAT Score : 94.69

Xth : 77.6
XIIth : 84.6

BTech (CS) : 69.82

Work ex : 2years IT , 1year business

GD topic : Environment and development
TIme : 2mintues to think , 5(just) to discuss , 1 min to summarize

Inconclusive GD , within a short frame f time every one tried to chip in with few points . i made of couple

of points . Thats it

Interview :

Lasted for about 5 6 minutes . P1 , P2 , P3

P1 : how did u feel about your GD ?
me : answered tht it was inconclusive and the time was pretty tight and i made 2 points

P2 : so how did u feel when someone interrupted u in between your GD :
me : Its normal to get interrupted but its imp to listen to the other guy and make a valid point after it .

Also , it is important not to get frustrated which i dint .

meanwhile one panelist took my file and was going thru it

p3 : so , u want to to MBA fr your business right?
me : obviously yes sir

p3 : yes yes good

P3 : asked a few questions about the business (revenues and basic details )
me : answered

p2 : So , u r a CS grad right? so now you are doing business so it means tht ur education has gone waste
me : thts nt the case sir , ne type of education dsnt go waste

p2 : temme one thing if u get a thing and dnt use it wat is it??
me : Smiled for a sec , everyone lafed .
me : ne type of education u have may be wnt affect u directly , but indirectly it will dfntly it will help u
going to the root level , evn if u do plus and minus it will help u

p3 : acc to a research a guy who stdies frm ukg to Phd 80% of its education goes waste
me : well, then we can infer frm tht we need nt to stdy but tht is nt the case , ne type of education will
help us in developing our personality , our way f thinking , developing our analytical thinking .

p3 : how much is your XAT %le
me : answered

p3 : which other calls u have
me : xlri - HRM

p3 : oh..tht wnt be of help i guess .
me ; yes

p2 : if u see all the entreprenuers the 'mittals' the 'gates' . they dnt have proper frmal education
me : yet again , this dsnt meant tht frmal education is not necessary

p2 : fine we r done u may leave
me : thanks

hey has anybody having XLRI BM call had converted Greatlakes call....
jst curious to know as i missed in spite of excellent gd/pi and dont know why?

hey i did ..but i have call from XLRI -HRM

Got thru Great lakes!!!..ximb interview is on 9th March . Great lakes fees process has already started!!..damn confused wat to do !!..If i get thru XIMB sm money will be deposited to great lakes ...although it will be refunded at a later point of time !!..XIMB or great lakes wat shld i prefer??..have 3 year of work ex

@invstmntmariner, i ve PM'd my number.. lets catch up f2f then

my only concern is the refunding policy!!!...need real clarification on that ...plzz helpp