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For those who haven't yet worked out the problem, here is what i think should be the answers TO THE ABOVE PUZZLES (Post No. 12)
1. Horces and Races: minimum 7 races ar required.
2. A keeps 98 Rs. himself gives and gives Re. 1 each to C and E.

Detailed Solution for Horse Puzzle:

Divide the set of 25 horses into 5 non-overlapping sets of 5 horses each. Have a race each for all the horses in each set. This makes it a total of 5 races, one for each set.

Now, have a race for the winners of each of the previous 5 races. This makes it a total of 6 races.

Observe the position of each horse in the 6th race and correspondingly number the sets. i.e. the set of the winner of 6th race will be said to be set no. 1 while the set of the loser of the 6th race will be said to be set no. 5.

Now, possible candidates for the first three positions exclude the followings:
1. Any horse from set 4 or set 5.
2. Any horse except the winner from set 3,.
3. Any horse except the winner and the 2nd position from set 2.
4. Any horse except the winner, 2nd position and 3rd position from set 1.

So now we have 6 candidates for top 3 positions. However, we know that the winner of set 1 is the fastest horse in the whole group of 25 sets.

So now we have 5 candidates for the second and third position. What better way to find out who's who than to have a race of these 5 horses. Race them and this will solve our problem in just 7 races.

~Courtesy Rohit
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Me got thru finally, but I'm off to JOKA, so one more guy in w/l can have peace..

Even me bought on 16th June, pahle se book kar liya tha, and landed up at Crosswords at 6:30 in the morning, to be the first person to pick it up...
Crosswords also opened early for once that day

Finished the entire book that day, and then read it again the next day

Arre Deepak,
Hum to 16th july kaa wait karte rahe aur aapne mahine bhar pehle hi book padh li!!! ...
Chal dost ab jaldi se joka pahunch. I've many theories to discuss. Fir as u said, saath baith kar reply karenge ..
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Ha Ha..
What a coincidence :wow: !!!
Even I had almost such a feud with my sis. and I convinced her to pay HP6 in full as I bought the earlier five books frm my pocket money... but in bargain, she got the rights to finish the book first, per bechari ke badluck se she had to go to Kocchi on sum official trip on the very weekend and I got the book all for myself for the whole week .. ...

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What a pleasant surprise... to find so many ppl at PG like HP..

I am a BIG fan.. of this book, its characters, its authoress...
The books are amazing...
I wanted to knwo how many ppl bought the 6th book on july 16 2005.. Well i did and i got it ordered by indiatimes.


I did..!! I even got 5th one on 21st June 2003 !!
And that too in Bhopal thru adv. booking with one of the prominent bookstores.
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pranks Says
sadani sahab zara MP ke octroi charges bhi bata dijiye..particularly bhopal......waise ye list aapne compile kahan se ki hai sir jee... :D

No Octroi in Bhopal AFAIK. By the way which vendor did u contacted in Bhopal??
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Anyone going for the HP5118 deal?
I'm tempted but abhi ke liye to planning for the bulk deal at Cal only... I cud get a lappie from the US next month but worried bout the Warrant/Service thing :neutral:
Plus all the lappie mails are confusing me, arre itni chizen samajne ka dimaag nahin hai hum mein, sirf itna bataao, ki sasta aur tikaau kya milega, aur kahaan, hum wahaan jaake kharid lenge

I'm also planning to first explore all the options available for the lappi purchase. and will most probably opt for the bulk deal in Cal itself.

Same story here.. I'm dropping K in favour of C. So one more down in w/l.

I'm boarding Howrah Rajdhani on 21 June from Delhi.
The seat AS-2/36 ..
Anyone else going by the same train??

THIS september!!!! :-O Thought it was next year!

wonder what's gonna be the cost & size of the last book!!! both seem to be exponentially increasing daily! :-)

Can't vouch for the cost, but size may be smaller or almost equal to OOTP.. I read that in one of her interviews....

@moumi = Lesson learnt .. I'll remember to answer in its entirety next time ...

So here's one from my side:

What's the name of Nicholas Flemel's Wife???
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