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There are already such queries assked/answered on this thread

Y dont u go thru this thread or else post there..

Well, you dont need to carry much of home appliances etc when u r staying in hostel... They do provide these washing machines, furniture, microwave oven etc...

So Cheers!!

ohh..its bit of a relief dat its nt much we need to carry along:)
Alryt..will post thr regarding the same....I dint post thr coz i thot that forum is more dedicated to students who are still in the hunt for a seat in teh college...
Thanks anyways

hi seniors..
can u plz tell us as to wat all do we need to carry along wid us to the there might be a lot of minor things we might forget..

hi seniors..
can u plz tell us as to wat all do we need to carry along wid us to the there might be a lot of minor things we might forget..

Hi guys..
I have taken admission in NM dis yr..and have joined hostel...Now, the problem is dat i havent stayed in hostel,dont knwo wat all stuff i need to carry along wid me thr..
Plz oblige..

P.S. : I dont know if this is the right thread to post such a query..If its not,den plz help me wid the link as i cant find any for such a purpose..

Thanks in advance:)

anandalfa Says
If watching movies is a priority, then go for studio15! It has a nice aesthetic appeal also ;)!

Dats the thing...watching movies is secondary:)
Portability is d first!! nw wat den....

studio15 weighs 2.5 kg approx. and studio14 is,will it make a difference while carrying both the laptops...Infact, I found studio 14 to be too bulky inspite of its 14 inch screen size...screen seemed pretty small too..not really gud enuf for watching movies..!!
Also,thr is hardly anyone buying studio14 (checked on dell website and its stores..they dun even hv many display models for this one)
Dell studio 15,impressive review here:

For 14-inch,i only found HP dv4-1242tx perfect..

bt ppl say dell is d best..

m confused..............plz help

Hey Puys!

Plan to buy a laptop. Will use it for all thats necessary at a b-school and to watch movies. I am not into gaming.

Will a netbook suffice for such basic use?

the popular ones these days are acer aspire one, s series by lenovo and dell mini series.

Apart from the cost what attracts me towards these models is windows xp being preloaded on them.

any thoughts/suggestions?



i think i have exactly d same purpose as stated by you..movies(so 14 or 15 inch laptop) and b-school usage..den probably office weight of carrying d laptop is also one of my consideration..
Though i am still perplexed as to which one to opt for..i have shortlisted two laptops:
1. Hp pavilion DV4-1241tx ..approx. Rs.49000/-
2. Dell studio 15 ..approx Rs.47000/-

The ones u have listed seem to have smaller screen size which wont be conducive for watching movies..i guess..:nono:;)
Ok,try finding more reviews abt dese and pl let me know if u r able to make a choice out of so many laptops in d market!

Also,others plz help....:p
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hi guys..
Dis thread is realli a very nice initiative by the batchmates..
I have taken admission in m still perplexed abt the accomodation thing..
GUys plz help me decide as to which option is better..dun u ppl in spreadsheet think that u wil b missin out on thick networkin by stayin away from the college and its ppl...n i guess,,dis is one of d sole reasons we all r going to a reputed college!!
Ok,the hostel is relatively is it d sole concern??

hi seniors..
My MBA in NMIMS starts in july,is it possible for me to apply for intrnational CFA program for dis june...or is it advisable??as i dun really have much to do, in terms of studies ,at present..

plz do reply ppl

can the seniours plz throw some light on how the boys hostel facilities are..also,wats their take on the "residential flats"..
Also,plz tell is thr a fight in getting a hostel accomodation..!!??i mean..are the number of rooms actually limited??