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I fail to understand why the parameter for joining a college for most people in India is the placement figures. That is the first thing that they would look into. Feel really pity for such fellows.
The education and the degree that is given by the university should be far more important than placement figures. If U have stuff in U, U will grow big in your life.

This is what is displayed when I input my Registration no.
Can not make out what to understand
This is electronically generated information does not have any legal validity.

X 89.86
XII 89.6
Undergrad Major 67.45 % up to 7th semester of mechanical engg.

Work-Ex: NIL

CAT Score: - 84:splat::banghead:

Written test Topic:
An answer to corruption: an increase in number of women in politics

Brief Snapshot of your performance:
Started well, Gave good current and recent examples and facts. I could have ended the essay though in a better way. I had to make a choice between two possible choices of conclusions at the end. My rating : 3 on 5

PI :
Panel Members Intro: 3 persons. 2 males (M1 and M2) and a female (P1)
P1: State some good points which make U different from others.
Me: Answered. She seemed satisfied with the answer. :)
P2: What do you dislike in your daily life issues ?
Me: Answered. Saw an expression of satisfaction as well as a little amusement.
P2: Tell me what would U like to change in yourself.
Me: Answered. She seemed happy.
M2 suddenly asks b4 I complete my answer.
M2: Who is Tanvi Vyas ?
Me: :shock: No idea sir.
M1 gives hint of newspaper.
Me: Oh, yeah Sir, I read about her. She was I think in news for some beauty pageant selection.
M2 did not seem satisfied.
M1 looking at certificates: When and how U got these certificates.
Me: Answered.
M1: Why MBA ??
Me: Ah, I thought something I was expecting. Answered. M1 seemed satisfied :biggrin:
M2 suddenly: Who is Parimal Nathwani ??:shock:
Me: Absolutely stumped . I said, I do not remember. (Shit, gave a thought and recalled who he is after the interview outside. Was a sitter, should have easily answered that)
By then, I realised he was the momentum or rhythm breaker person in the panel who just came in to see if I lose my cool in such a situation. Must say the panellists were very brilliant. I felt honoured to be giving an interview.
M1: Explain me the difference between Otto and Diesel cycle.
Me; Answered. Too easy a question. Had been memorising this difference from 2nd year of engg.
M2 again comes in before I complete: What is Euro1, Euro2, Euro3 ??
Me: (After a little intentional thought to buy myself time.) Sir this are European Emission Standards. By now I got used to his sudden unexpected questioning pattern to break my series of thoughts.
P1: What are the pollutants that these refer to ?
Me: Answered.
M2: What is fuel injection? Explain for both types of engines
Me: Comfortably answered. Automobile has been one of my favourite subjects in mech. Engg. Was enjoying the questions totally.
M1: Explain difference between SI & CI engine.
Me: Answered.
M1: Thank you Mr. Vyas.
Me: :grin:
That is all that I can remember. My interview lasted a little longer than the normal time that was taken for other students. I think it might be because I am a fresher.
Overall experience was excellent.
Hope to convert the call. Although due to my pathetic CAT score, it seems a bit distant. But just keeping fingers crossed.
ATB to all.


I would like to request everyone who is active on this thread to post their WCT/PI experiences- seniors as well as those who would be appearing this year as well. This would of great help for everyone to understand the areas where one might need to modify the preparations for the interview day.
Thanks in advance !!!

Got the interview date as 23rd march in 8:45 am slot at NIRMA. I am from Vadodara which is about 110kms from Ahmedabad. So will have to start early in the morning at 6..

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Link not working..
Help someone....
CAT ID : SR7520263

Congratulations, you have been short-listed for further admission selection process. Check your detailed interview schedule on this website by February 15, 2012.

NameSwapnil Kumar Paroha
CAT Reg.No.SR7520263
IMNU form No.101757

Congrats !!!
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I have got 99.73%ile. Though I have no idea what my composite score is cause I have misplaced my admit card.
What could be the approx. composite score that I may have scored. And please can U guide which colleges should I apply to ??
Thanks in Advance

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Count me in as well.
My scores in AIMCATs have ranged from 60 to 95%ile.
I am going to solve CAT papers, MC tests of TIME & Last year's AIMCAT papers as a part of my prep.
My accuracy levels are extremely poor. Need to work on that a lot..

I took the 12:30 slot today.
Attempted 138 questions with an accuracy in between 80-90%.
Do not know what percentile it will fetch.
The paper, apart from DI which I found a touch QA weighted and GK in which I attempted only 8, was pretty simple.

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I too am going to appear for computer based test. Thanks a lot to cutie.pie and AC22 for enlightening me about today's paper and what I should expect on the 10th.
Thanks a lot once again....

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