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hey..can you guys suggest me as to how is SIBM for HR? and between SIBM and SCMHRD, which one is better for HR?

same here...even i cant understand why are the sniors not there to help us here........

hey puys...

i will be taking goa sampark kranti on 6th....will reach hostel by 7th afternoon or so..

and yeah we are planning another meet for delhi.... either this sunday or all those who are not their on orkut, can post here, whatever date is convenient for you and then we can plan accordingly!!!


i tried calling up the office today..they asked me to call after 10.30 and then no one is picking up....

anyways lets wait till 15th! anyone got a confirmation till now? if yes, then by mail or is it on their site??

(im a bit not informed..wasnt active on this thread for a long time)

Are we talking about the first waitlist or the second???????

i made it too!!
and the last date for payment is 9th april!

since u r 20, im sure im in too!!!

i was waitlist 2


For the benefit of all those who have been waitlisted at SIBM Pune, I have collated some data from across pagalguy threads from posts and signatures of various users and established certain factual conclusions. I hereby present the same for your information. Certain members of Pagalguy have been mentioned by their id_names and references have been made to some of their posts regarding their decision / intent to back out of SIBM. Any member who has changed his / her decision may kindly upload the same immediately on the thread to enable us the maintain the accuracy of the waitlist movement.

Supposedly Confirmed Rejects :-

1. sushantgupta - quote on pg 34
2. harshad87 - quote on pg 33
3. ndhankhar - quote on pg 24
4. cutespoiltbrat - quote on iift thread Page 10 --> also confirmed via PM

Fence Sitters / Unconfirmed :-

1.spiderman12345 - track for nm v/s sibm - Page 26

2.kapil.parab - track for iift v/s sibm - Page 26

3.lordsom - track for iift v/s sibm - Page 23

4.dichotomised track for iift v/s sibm - Page 23

5.saurabhmishra85 - track for iift v/s sibm - Page 9

6.swargupta - track for strong "I wont join claim" - Page 8

7.drabir_g says 6 of his friends are quitting. 3 more might join them - Page ?


I'd like to request all the users mentioned here to kindly update this thread with their decisions so that we have a clear idea of the number of people not taking up an offer.


Varun R Riyer

P.S. I'm waitlisted @ no. 6.

Great work dude!!!!!!!

i'm second in the waitlist...
i think we will get an idea after 26th..... that's is the last date for payment of fees...