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When will the admit cards be available for SBI PO exam on 24th July ? Any idea??

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Hi Puys....

I have recently started to apply for bank jobs. I applied for SBI Bank PO which is to be conducted on 24th july 2011. But I have absolutely no clue how to prepare for it ... am ok with the aptitude part... but how to prepare for General Awareness paper ?... Can any of the puys be a help pls.... what are the resources ..where all can we find those?

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Hi majestic..

just tell some kind of sprain in leg or backbone.

the sprain can be sudden... and no one will doubt the authenticity...get a proper medical certificate

i guess that will be enuf

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Hi Puys,
it is very difficult for me to concentrate on the same time am a lot frustrated in office.. dont knw which course of action to getting 85 % ile in time mocks.

Crossing all the cutoffs but not able to increase my %ile. Am not sure whether i will make it. Planning to take leave for one month and prepare. But if i am not able to clear, it will be a problem for me in office.

I am not able to decided what to do ....

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HI Puys..

Am doing time speed and distance .. Please clear these doubts

1. Vinay fires two bullets from the same place at an interval of 12 mins but raju sitting in a train approaching the place hears the second report at 11 mins 30 secs after the first. What is the appr.speed of train? speed of sound is 330 m/s
2. A train takes 2 h less for a journey of 300 kms if its speed is increased by 5 kmph over its usual speed? What is the usual speed?
3. A plane left half an hour later than the sheduled time in order to reach its destination 1500 kms away in time,it had to increase its speed by 33.33 percent over the usual speed. Find increased speed
4. A person traveelled a distance of 200 kms btw two cities by a car overing the first quarter at a const speed of 40 km/h and the remng three quarter at a const speed of x km/h. I f the avg speed of person fpr entire journey wast 53.33 what is the value of x

5. In a 100 m race shyam runs at 1.66 m/s. If hsyam gives sujit a start of 4m and still beats him by 12 seconds, what is sujits speed

6. At a game, A gives B 15 pts in 60 ,A gives 6 20 pts in 60 . Hw mch does B gives C in 90

7. In a 500 m race the ratio of speed of two runners a and b is 3:4. If A has a start of 140 m, A wins by?

Please give the method to solve.

Hi Swathi,

Why don't you take some tests from online cat forum and solve the questions from the sites. That will tell you where you stand.

And also as a group we will be starting with the mocks and then we can see where we all are.

And As Rohit said, burning desire should be inside :)

All the best.

Should gear up all my basics first...hope to score good in mocks.....
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puys whr r u??

our study group become dull..
in another 2 weeks the mocks r starting... we should plan thngs now...

Motivation levels dropping already for me....... need something strong....why dont my pl rebuke me often which increases my desire to bell CAT:banghead:
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Slot Booked....

No. _________ %ile __________ AIR ___________ Cutoffs cleared

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swargupta Says
Yes I am sure... One is my class-mate and other my room-mate. I feel, highly professional colleges like IIM wont make mistakes. Tat is why I am asking puys on this thread and seniors into IIMs to help me the reason for no call to my second frnd

Hey are u serious ...that's outright can one expect this kinda attitude from the most prestigious institutes???

What courses have these 2 friends done ?? which university and which college ??

also 10-12th from which board ??

But yes this matters i think...please tell which instis are they from?
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SC-23- My Take

1.The teacher was not satisfied with the truth Bob had stated.(of what not rqd)

2.When he first began sketching, he discovered that it is important both to be attentive to the line of the figure and to Study the relationships among different parts of the figure.
3.The company brought legal actions, counterclaims, and appeal lodges

4.The Board expressed their interest and concern over the outcome of the companys legal actions and appeals.
5.It was a classic conflict of family politics; neither the sons nor the father was willing to listen to an alternative interpretation of the incident.
6.The major difficulty confronting the authorities was the reluctance of the people to talk; they had been warned not to say anything to the police.
7.Employers remain ignorant to or uninterested in the abilities of polytechnic graduates.
8.It may be difficult to find an acceptable definition of style; every critic has his/her own.
9.This is one of the paintings which are going to be sold at auction this afternoon.
10.In his poems, he wanted to make many things happen simultaneously.
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