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Astha A @astha_a
In an exclusive interview with PaGaLGuY, Prof Shekhar Chaudhuri, director of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C) speaks about the importance of diversity in class, development plans for IIM-C and the affect

>>Also, coaching institutions prepare students over a period of many months. Some people who are intrinsically not very bright may also get in just because of these coaching classes. We want to reduce this. If someone could grasp the concepts so quickly and perform well..see the talent in him..and..encourage him....and you say you want to eliminate such people...??? You need a psychiatrist......!!! And yes when you say we want students who perform consistently..... - we need profs too who are good enough......

sagunnagar Says
i genuinely want the waitlist number 36 to convert !! coz mine is 35.. lolzz... i knw its a hard bet... bt still i wont giv up dat easily !! all the best to all !! :)

:) mine is 36......
warrior24 Says
hey i would withdraw as well...waiting for other results..!!

hey are you waitlisted or concerted??? and whcih restuls are you awaitng now?????? Thanks

Are anyone still waiting to withdraw??????
are anyone still awaiting any other results(of other instits)

or all the ones gonna join MICA????? i know two ppl who are gonnna withdraw....Shaz and abhishek.......
plz tell us whom all you know

Hi Puys,

I am currently on the waiting list (no. 15), but I wish to withdraw my candidature (For the greater good of the people below me )

Can someone please tell me the process of claiming my 50 grands back?

which college are you gonna join now??? and were you waitlisted previously in that coll??????
manas007 Says
:cheerio:thx yar, yar....i didnt say abt not joining, was just confused btwn TISS n MICA:lookround:

so you finally joining?? good... :)

waitlist moved only by one number... this is bringing me so many questions .Will the waitlit move any furher??? and .on the probability that i would convert..
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This is just my own common sense response- Call up Mr. Luv Thakkar and tell him, you would probably be asked to send an email or written letter too, following which they will reund your money.

p.s. Nothing official about it - this reply ;)
p.p.s. I'd suggest you wait it out to see if u make it, unless its unrealistic... All the best wherever you decide to join!

jus wanted to know this ....firstly coz... if its so easy then..most of them must have already wihtdrawn and the waitlist movement from now wud be difficult....
if it takes time...then ....therez stil a chance for many to withdraw....and theya re in process.... :P

mine is now 47 veryyyyyyy lessa chances.....
chingzangzing Says
hey can someone tell what is the process of withdrawal????????? :drinking:

someone asnwer plz...........

hey can someone tell what is the process of withdrawal????????? :drinking:

I am on Waitlist 37
Can anyone tell...or evn Guess For ppl who are still waitlisted what will be d process now...!!
what wil be d last date till whic one can expect things to happen..!!!
N on wat basis is d new waitlist prepared
1. is it on basis of ppl on wailtist who have sent d 50K draft...
2. is it dat D People offered Admission who have Pulled out are also takien in2 account...???

someone plz reply?????????
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