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Naman sreen Says
Yo our university is growing and growing big..

True That. Last week Amity University has been Accredited as A Grade university by NAAC

Please find attached official mail by President sir.
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dsnworld Says
i had a question for seniors please reply is amity lucknow students are permitted to sit in campus placement drive at amity noida because majority of company vists amity noida for reqruitment because recently i had taken admission in MBA-General course of amity business school lucknow ....... seniors please reply .....beacause as far as i know students of amity lucknow are gone to amity noida for reqruitment process .............please reply.....where are all the seniors ???????

Nope, they dont sit with us for campus placement:nono:

Delhi Daredevils Star including Kevin Peterson visted campus yesterday

Intern Update

Major Brand Update

Marketing - Nestle & Glaxo Smithkline

Operations - Harley Davidson

Coglobe ki website ka link btana pls....[/QUOTE

Co Globe
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Reason to Cheer

PepsiCo offers Sales and development projects for summer intern

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mistuj Says
wat abt mba-HR in amity? hwz the placement? wats the average package for HR at noida?

As said many times, I would like to repeat that I can't tell about MBA-HR as I am from general and more inclined towards Marketing

However, to the best of my knowledge, Avg package is 3 Lakhs.

In ABS, with Marketing is considered best, then finance and then HR

Ogilvy came for HR profile in summer intern.
sidhu1990 Says
hello chety,do u known someone who is from delhi/NCR and is provided with accommodation,as im from gurgaon and would like to take non ac hostel but amity says they do not provide hostel to delhi/NCR people.but if rooms are available they will consider the request,but they said the chances for that are if u could tell me if anybody from delhi is provided with hostel?

Yup..Come to campus someday...U will find ample no. of PGs in the vicinity of the campus:)
ezazansari Says
chety bhai wat kinda package marketin guys are gettin?

Avg - 5 Lakhs...Highest - 8 Lakhs...Howver, opportunity for marketing students is more

Oh! Gr8 combo of Spclztns....Major Sp :- Mrktng n MInor - IB ??

As one who got slctd fr M & S wll hv M & S as splztn fr bth d years or hv to choose one fr 2nd yr wid M & S ?

Nope, m&S; guys cant select specialization as u r already into specialized course..So,m for two yrs...u will have to study Marketing & Sales ..Cheers
aseembajaj01 Says
U r frm MBA - G naa ?? Specialization in :- Marketing ?? Pls ans. Chety bhai....

Yes, I am in MBA Gen and My specialization for 2nd year is

Marketing + International Business
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