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well first thing we should do is collect last 5 year FMS papers.... last year one passage had 24 questions in it...wen i came back home after writing it...someone told me it was a repeat from a previous FMS paper. the more we have the better it is for us. we can mail each other the soft copys


hi this seems to be a great idea (referring to previous year papers) kindly send me this mails if possible ,would be a great help my email add:-
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thanx to come out of a dormant world . appreciated.

Plz tell me, is it chargeable ???????????????????

is it chargeable?

hi congrats to begin with
plz suggest me some good online test series with feed back so tht i can locate myself
have u got some online preparation material for rc and critical reasoning
my gmat date is 24 july
p.s. iam damn nervous and lost

can anybody suggest me a good online test series where i can get feedback on my evaluation?

well iam on.............. my gmat date is 24 th july

experience is wat u get when u don't get what u want !

hi guys, well i am an aspiring asset and a potential liability to this site
but hope the site will live upto its reputation and i will ,to mine:biggrin:
lets have a journey ahead
here is some thing no body would be interested in:banghead:
iam a hotel managment graduate from ramaiah institute bangalore(2008 )
served oberois as a chef for 2 years.
the greed to excel din't died so iam here.