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hi ppl,i am studying in IIFT.Last year 2nd ranker in JMET(and iit-b,d converter) is our batchmate,sankalp.Do contact him for any queries at . Accordingly,there were individual cut-offs last year and paper was much marks were 150.individually i dnt remember.
quant ws a lot simpler,expect the same again as it is.

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Hello guys,
I will try to visit this thread as frequently as possible n try to answer ur querries to the best of my knowledge!
But it might be possible that I am unable to visit the thread very frequently!
If there is something very urgent, then u can PM me.
I'll reply to that ASAP!!
ATB to all..
Keep up the good work!!

@puys at IIFT
while sending in the filled application form to IIFT,should we address it to the admissions officer Mr.L.D.mago by speed post or just send it to the IIFT address?
since many speed posts would be arriving on a day will it be ok to address it to him ??though my doubt sounds silly would be glad if u can clarify it..
also in how many days after after we send the application,would we be receiving a receipt and prospectus?

Simply write the address as written in the instructions.
I received the prospectus after a long time!
Most probably it was after i had received the admit card.
marisha_singh Says
Hi , i wanted to know can we store the duly filled online form and take the print out after wards as we do for the SNAP online application form .... as i willl fill in the form at home and dont have a printer

I don't think you can save the form n take the print out later.
So, register on a pc which has a printer installed to it.
itch Says
Just wanna know, whats the conversion ratio for IIFT

Though Vishal has already answered the question quite well, I would like to quote some statistics that might be of some help..

: IIFT gave a total of around 1,100 calls.. (All categories combined)
: Out of these, 267 (165 for D & 102 for K) were given final calls.. (All categories combined).. IIFT gives buffer calls.. Also, the guys selected for Kolkata were automatically in the Delhi waitlist..
: Another 70 students were put into IIFT K waitlist.. (All categories combined)
: Around 5 students in the K list made it to D. Kolkata waitlist cleared till around 37.. (General category; dont have data for other categories)

The above data shows that conversion ratio is around 1:3.6

Hope this helps..

ATB to all.....
i have a question regarding the iift GD/PI shorlisting process..
does iift have sectional cut offs like iim's or is the shorlist for GD/PI only
based on the overall score?please throw some light on the same..

Hi to all aspirants!!
Well, the sectional cut-offs are definitely there!!
The overall cut-off this time was around 18-20 as suspected..
IIFT didnt give any scores or percentiles..
They jus give a list of students called..
Though, in final selection, 50% weightage is given to the written exam score!!
ATB to all..
amit_2485 Says
last time iift didn't allow to take the question paper home.....

IIFT did allow to take home question paper..
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Hello to all you aspiring IIFTians out there..
Well, the exam in 2006 was very unexpected and tested patience for 2 complete hours..
Those who held on were able to crack it..
Frustis got rejected..
So, first preparation has to be mental for such an exam..
Be prepared and expect the unexpected..
Now onto studies..

GK: Well, keep yourselves updated with the various happenings as well as about CEOs and other top management people of the big shot companies.. This all will also help in GD/PI of all instis..

Quant, DI, Verbal: Prepare normally as for all entrance exams!!

The last date of filling up the form and reaching IIFT is 3rd September '07..

All the best to all you guys..

Hope to see some of you here @IIFT..

akaashjain Says
can any of you update on whats the status in iift, wrt the movements in both delhi and kolkata

I had called up IIFT today!
They said status will be updated on 22nd June!!
neerajprsd Says
spoke to mago today................says that my current waitlist is 4 against an original waitlist of 30.......and as usual puts a 50-50 chance of me getting in..............i personally dont feel i stand chance.......whatsay???????

Hey Neeraj,
Well, it all depends upon the other institutes' admissions now...I dont think there is anything that Dr. Mago can do now except for waitin for withdrawals!!...ATB!!!!!!!
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