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freedom fighter Says
d) is correct d>12cm......

how did u do it ? did follow this method ? sum of the squares of diagonals = 2 * sum of squares of sides , that way we get 10^2 + d^2 = 2 (12^2 + 8^2) ; so d=root(416-100) = >12 ;
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for overall profit of 10% - sp= 360000 +10% =396000 .

onethird at a loss of 20% = 1/3*360000-1/3*360000*20%=96000

2/5 th at a gain of 25% = 2/5*360000(1+25/100)= 180000

so remaining price to cover 396000 would be (396000-180000-96000) =120000 . option 3

Is it right ?

Now somebody plz see my query

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hello friends

i wish to know what is this

All candidates who are declared qualified by the Commission for appearing at the Interview/Skill Test/Computer Proficiency Test will be required to produce the relevant Certificate in Original such as Mark sheets for all the three years of Graduation/ Provisional Certificate/ Certificate of Graduation as proof of having acquired the minimum educational qualification on or before the 1st August,2012,

minimum educational qualification for cpt thing ? i applied for css , railways and few other !
i am a fianl yr btech in electronics and would i be eligible , i had computer applications in class ten !

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bellit Says
hi.. I'm also preparing for cat 2012, as a beginner..I'm quite in a mess.. where to start from n all..and for group study want to know.. anyone from kolkata?

count me in . ok guys the other day i received a call from time , they insist i join their regular classroom course , but i thanked them and told them i will come to their centre and do the correspondence instead

might kolkata cat 12 aspirants form a separate thread ?
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Shradhasweet Says
Y isnt any1 replyn to my post?????

Maybe people has little idea about it !! And yes a few days ago i received their pamphlet too , really no idea how they are !!

this might help
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1. Ans==(A) DEBCA
2. Ans==(b) DBCEA

are they??

I'm in a very similar situation to you. Final year, placed in TCS, lots of free time after graduating.

If you live near Salt Lake, I'd strongly recommend TIME Salt Lake's classroom coaching for CAT(1 year or 6 months) because the faculty there is very good. I took classes there for CAT 11 and believe me it was a very good experience. And as far as I know, your acads are quite good so don't worry about that now. Start your preps as soon as possible and best of luck.

Thanks for the reply , I live in Howrah , so no Salt Lake TIME center for me i am not considering any classroom coaching , only correspondence so i am in a quandary as to whether it should be TIME , CL or IMS ?

As for the reputation of TIME classes i'd second you on that one because i have personally interacted with Sajwal sir , when he came to our college for preparing us with personal interview and gd skills .And have some friends over there .
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Hello all...... Myself a final year engineering student of Techno India , Kolkata . I used to be a gate public at first but due to unexpected flood of companies coming for placements and for their preparation , gate ventures took a blow ,big one:-( .Good thing is got placed in TCS .But due to the fact that TCS gives you almost a year after passing out for CAT, GATE PSU's and all , before joining , decided to take up CAT .

My acads are as follows :-
10th - 88%
12th - 80%
Grads 8.15 (till now, translates to 74% approx by my univ WBUT rules)

1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r. West Bengal , planning to join ims 's correspondence mode for cat.
2.When did u start prepration. Mid February (After GATE:-()
3.Books u have or plan to buy. Arun Sharma's Books.
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation. 6 hrs or more because i will have nothing else to do then.
5.Weak section/Strong section. Not yet figured.
6.Institutes u wish to apply to. With such measely acads i limit my aspirations to iit's , only to iit's:).

Guys plz comment on whether my acads would prove to be a bottleneck while applying to iit's and other ivy leagues if at all i manage to get the required percentile with gods grace .

PS :- as i am from a private college many people will know what exactly am i talking about regarding tcs .

Regards and Thanks ,

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