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The common thing I can see in scores of guys asked for preparatory course is VA score less than 90 percentile. So might be preparatory course is for VA only and they might also release some more lists of prep course in a day or two for guys having Quants score less than 90.
Neways this course is really a nice opportunity to get accustomed to environment even b4 actual course starts.

Friends I have sent my acceptance letter along with a DD of 85k today only. I have left the "Admission offer letter number" field blank. I thought its not strictly required coz I will get it only through post. But now after reading posts here at PG it seems that this number was easily available by just making a call to IIM-I. So what should I do now. Is there anyone else who has done the same mistake and knows the corrective measure. Seniors please help.

P.S: I have retained the scanned copy of the forms and DD that I have sent by post(If they can be of any help).

Can anyone save the pdf files and attach them here on Pagalguy as IIFT's site is not opening.

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I called up IIFT, Admissions dept and said...
Please khuch to karo... I am bored of pressing 'F5' again n again...
A polite person on other side replied- Bachha if u r bored of 'F5' than u can try 'Ctrl+R' .. Thats how I kill time during strategy time-out and innings break in IPL ...

P.S: Nothing serious. All conversations mentioned in this post are fictional and their resemblance to any real life situation will be treated as mere coincidence

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I have read a lot about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in physics, but feeling it for the first time in life. So, hope this uncertainty in dates bring certainty in our chances of converting this call. Hmmm one way or other this wait is brining out the optimist sitting(sleeping) within us.

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sharma17071986 Says
called up IIFT just nw and they say ki 20 ke baad aayega,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iska kya matlab hai yaar,,,,,,,,,,,,no exact date even nw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Buddy unka simple matlab hai ki "baar baar call karke humein pareshaan mat karo ... Exact date humein bhi nahi pata ... ". Still if u cant tolerate the anxiety than you can try calling Mr. Gulati Sir, Administrative Officer- Admission Cell.
In the mean time making speculations about number of seats and waiting list can help all of us to kill time :)
All the best to all Puys ...
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hi puys .. happy new year to every one
i have one question rising in my mind
in iim a they give call on basis of
10th %--- 8 marks
12th %--- 8 marks
cat 09---- 6 marks
total 22 marks
i wants to know that last year what was marks out of 22 to get call for nc-obc ??
senior please help

Same question from me. If anybody do have any clue about what is being asked in above question than please reply. In case you dint get what kapil is asking than please refer to IIM-A's selection procedure at ""
Seniors and moderators please help.
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and to get one call .. at least 90+ % with each section more than 75+%tile

Cant say anything about one IIM call. But last year for all IIMs cutoffs for OBCs were more or less same(considering the fact IIM A called up just 87 candidates for 43 seats). This data can be checked at respective IIMs site(if they have not archived it yet. else you can google it and will find those pdfs somewhere). So going by last year's trends this year also the cutoffs for OBCs for all IIMs will remain same with slight difference in sectional cutoffs.
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Hi last year for OBC overall percentile was in the range of 95-96 percentile for almost all IIMs. so considering that this year seats are goin to double than number of calls should also double. and as the bar for OBC(non-creamy) criteria has been raised from 2.5 L per annum to 4.5 L per annum(Last year decision was taken late so all OBC candidates under new bar were not able to apply) thus number of OBC applicant will also increase significantly. it is expected that number of OBC candidates will increase by about 30%. thus overall percentile might take a dip of about 2-3 percentile. i.e to get a call from all IIMs this year an aggregate percentile of 93-94 will be required. and in any case it wont be more than 95percentile.

P.S: i know i m not very clear in explaining this . So feel free ask for an analysis in a better way

hey guys to this forum ....
after cat fiasco .... much confused.....
so just thinking about this ...
obc reservation .. was implemented in stem vise like
2 year back it started 6% then 14% ...and this time they going to implement full 27 % ,,,,
so according to that last year
iim a -- avg %tile who selected around 98.4
iim b -- avg %tile who selected around 97.59
so this year 14% is converted to 27 % so this %tile may be come down1 to 2 % ..
this i writing because i pretty much confused about cat result ...
my attempt was 45 and expecting right 38 ....
guys please provide some insight from your side ...
if i posted any thing wring then please ignore it

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