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So, what is the process? Submitted online ->Application Processing ->Application Submitted->Interview call? Mine has been at Application processing for a week now...

I submitted my app on 1st Feb, but my recos were submitted a week later...What is the usual time period between app submission to interview call?

Sc****d by KJ Somaiya...

AI rank : 32
GD : 9
PI :12
CMAT converted score : 136
Par :5
Total : 162

Same here man...i had only heard, now had the first-hand exp...Idiots..
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Please provide the link for the cetking database.....

I dont have it...I had posted this link in one of the Facebook groups hosted by CETKing...some faculty from there has updated it...

We can be sure of one thing- There aren't any other guy in Top 50 who has taken coaching at CETking..:)
gollumgollum Says
Thats 12 we know of....God knows how many of the top 50 who are not active online are actually the way, do you know the ranks of these people ?? nc#gid=0
The CETKing calculator is projecting strange cutoffs for OMS candidates to make it to JBIMS. Does nybody has a clear picture. I asked one of the candidates who qualified last year for JBIMS and he told me that 167/240 was the OA for the last OMS candidate to make it to JB. Will CMAT and CAT make this impact that even after a tougher CET cutoffs will go up.


Its very tough to predict in scores...You have to base your JBIMS chances on number of candidates ahead of you..(Ie both in CMAT and CET)...Now there is another prob here- how will they normalise CMAT scores...So there is lot of speculation to be done...So thats the reason nobody can give a clear idea...
As per newspaper reports after CMAT Results, there were 7 people in the top 20 from Bombay / Maharashtra! Guesstimating, there are around 15 in the Top 40! 20 in top 50 and so on!! But this google document shows just 5 are interested to join JBIMS!! Why aren't the others willing?? Hve they converted anyhere else or are they just not active on PG?? The Lady who had topped amongst girls (rank ?42/?43) had said in an inter

view that she would not even apply this year and would try for IIMs next year!! I encountered one OMS individual on PG who's out of the race for JB since he's converted FMS!

With little to do in this nerve-wracking wait till 16th June, What else can one do???

Now there are 12 CMAT ppl in Top 40 who are interested in JBIMS
vivekw Says
Few of us have voted according to the CMAT percentiles (converted out of 42000 candidates).

That's some relief..:)
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hey puys!!!
wen can we kno d cut offs of d various colgs???16th june wen d merit list wud b out ???

They will give you a rank in your catagory (Home, OHU,OMS etc). So, depending on the number of available seats of various colleges, you would get a fair idea about your chances...

For ex: JBIMS-OMS has 18 seats...N if any OMS candidate gets a rank of 18 or below, he is sure to get admission..
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How many CMAT top 60 rankers are trying for JBIMS that you know of?? I am rank 18 and I know that ranks 2, 19, 26 and 47 are in the race.......Please add more to this list if you are aware of them so that we get some rough idea of our competition (I know I am being obsessive but 16th June is approaching really slowly )

Guys share this link with others..:)