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rahul ranjan @ranj540an
who is known as father of internet?
Chandreyee Bhattacharya @chandreyee90

bhai log...vint cerf hi hai father of internet

KarmaParam Dharma @freaky_geek
Can anyone explain this? 1\. Is it like we will not able to navigate to the next question in a section until we mark the one displayed on our screen. 2\. Negative marking for unanswered questions? 3\. Calculator in CAT?
Chandreyee Bhattacharya @chandreyee90

There is no calculator in the test window..i just checked...but does this mean we have to answer all questions in CAT?? 

riyaz pirani @riyazmba
a cyclist rode at a uniform rate from A to B in 2.25 hours. he started back at the same rate but after riding for an hour, he was delayed by a puncture for 20 minutes and for the rest of the way his rate was only 6 kmph. consequently the return journey occupied 3 hours altogether. what is the dis...
Chandreyee Bhattacharya @chandreyee90

hi..can u pls ellaborate the 2nd eq..i got the 1st one am getting another eq from the 2nd statement...

´╗┐How many 3-digit even numbers can you form such that if one of the digits is 5 then the following digit must be 7? In here wont we be taking those cases as well in which there is no digit 5??
Chandreyee Bhattacharya @chandreyee90

puys..i didnt understand the calculation..i mean 8*9*5+5=365?? :/ pls explain the calculation once the sum i understood..

Achilles :-) @sherlockk
For how many integral values of x is the expression Ix^2-8x-9I > x^2-8x-9 valid?
Quant Expert @quant-expert
Fastest finger first :-)

Hiii...i'll be giving NMAT 1st time this year and i cannot find any practice papers online..if anyone has previous years NMAT papers or TIME/CL nmat material kindly mail me at

Thanks  in advance!!

  • Nmat happens can give u its previous years pape.... 07 Sep.
  • From 2008 it went online like cat.. 07 Sep.
Smruti Nayak @spectramind07
Hello XAT aspirants! Would you like to take free regular tests on current affairs/general awareness?
Prashant Singh @prashant_336
Folks, I had sent my IIFT form on 13th of August which got delivered to IIFT on 19th Of August. Since then I am regularly logging in to check my application status which seems to have not been updated yet! It is still showing that my form has not been received. I tried to contact the IIFT officia...
Chandreyee Bhattacharya @chandreyee90

hi...i checked with the courier service and my application says has been delivered to the address but when i login to my iift account it says ur application has not yet been received..same problem..any suggestions what to do??