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They could not get placement if i say will be wrong my friend, the last 10 students of this batch were in real problem, now that two of them remained, they say they opted out, only 1 of them from that batch opted out. both the students who opted out are my friends.

let me not dig deep into this, felt bad when they wrote "opted out" in the report so posted. would not like to discuss anything further, as i am not qualified to do so. I have disclosed the truth and i do not hold any grudge against the institute. Any mistake in the views expressed here are inadvertent and do not intend to demean any person or institute.

If it is true then it is really BAD.
Only seniors can tell the truth.
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sahi mein
hey would you prefer NMIMS or IIT R given a choice??

Even I had the same doubt in mind.
I have also converted NM-Core.
But I would definitely prefer IIT-R.

Do we have any FB group for IIT-R?

IIT-KGP(VGSOM) results are going to be out on 20th April.(I am saying it based on the posts in FB group for VGSOM. It seems some of the panel members told the students regarding the dates for the result.)

So can we expect results for IIT-R and IIT-K to be out before 25th April?

People who have already attended the interview at IISc Bangalore please post your experiences here.


My Experiences for 23rd March Chennai 2pm Slot ....
GD Topic:Team Anna going from parliament to villages .... 8 min... everyone got a chance to speak.. was overall civilised only...:-) 3 min to summarise ...
Interview Three panelists... P1(who didnt speak throughout),P2 and P3 who were the ones talking to me...
P2:So Btech from Information Technology...studied in Kolkata ,working in TCS Chennai....Tamil Terima ?(Tamil way of asking whether you know tamil or not)
Me:No,Tamil Teriyad(I dont know Tamil)..
... P2:Then how do you manage?
Me:They know English over I manage..
P3:Have you been to a place in Triplicane where they sell tasty bengali food... :-)
Me: No ,I havent .. Actually I am not a Bengali.. I am from Bihar... but I like bengali food though...
P2:Tell me something about yourself..
P3:tell something apart from your school or college etc...You can even tell about your
Me:I dont have a girlfriend Then I told about my extra curriculars andother achievements...
P3:We need only ideal candidates for RM?What makes you an ideal candidate for RM?
Me: I told that since I am from Bihar which has agriculture as the primary RM degree would help me to take initiative into Agri business... and set up an industry over there...
P3:So u are asking for reservation?
Me:No not reservation... the state needs youth to come forward for setting up industries.. and if you can provide that what more can be asked for...
P3:But y should we be interested in development of Bihar?
Me: Every state has the right to grow.. y should it lag behind....
P3:So u y do u need rural managers for it?
ME:Sir you need to manage things...
P3:what do u mean by managing things?
Me:You can have resources ,people to do work.. rural managers can manage them to set up industries...
P3:You dont have power how can u set up industries..
Me:For that state govt is doing many a plant in Barh is coming up ..also talks are on with Nepal Govt to get electricity...
P3:how will you light up villages..
P3:have you heard a solar cell being made by some Pandey...a descendant of Mangal Pandey?
Me:no so sorry I didnt know that..
P3:do u read books?
Me:Not that much but I read 'Everybody loves a good drought' by P Sainath...
p3:who told u to read it..
Me:paagalguy forums... they said its good to get a feel of rural life b4 RM
P3:anything written abt Bihar there..
Me:told abt how people carry coal from lalmatiamines on cycles for 3 days and their net profit margin is only rs 30
P3:So u can do anything abt it?
Me:No I cant doeverything...i can do only things which are within my skill sets and capabilities....
P2:so which company you want to work for?
Me:ITC.. since it has e chaupal..
P3:it has stopped coming .. it?.. then Amul...
P2:Amul isnt interested in RMguys anymore...
Me:Ohk...actually I wud like to have hands on experience in any FMCG compant which is into rural business development and then some years down the line I can set up my own business...
All:Ok nice talking 2 can Leave now..
It was totally chilled out only.. as the panelists were chilled out only..
Dont know what to make of it... :-).. fingers crossed!!

varunatait Says
You can withdraw your admission till one week after the commencement of the course. Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted and rest will be refunded. (As per AICTE norms).

How much time does the refund process take?
Is it hassle free?
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My score was 208 in NMAT.

Seniors I want to wait for MBA Core. What are my chances of getting it?
What should I do?

What was last year's rank/score for final conversion to MBA-core?

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So 7pm it is now.
The results will be out at 7 pm as per the website.

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see,we seniors are kept away from the admission process.we are here to help you people from our experiences.
if people are saying that AS has been scrapped,it will be true..
as far as your preferences are considered,you can change them this now decide what other courses you want to opt.
last year,we were not allowed to change our is good that they have changed this system this year

Thanks for the response.

Any idea why this course was scrapped?