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Can some one please update me the phone numbers where i can make some enquiry ?

If I login it does not show any number, and it is difficult to traverse all through the pages back to get the number. thanks in anticipation

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Do you have a liking for number crunching? - Yes!!
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone? either ways..
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want? yes.. most of the times
Do you have a creative mind? yes..
Do you like travelling? NO
Do you find it easy to talk to strangers? No Problem
Please help me with the specialization.. Confused between Finance , Marketing and IT
I have three years of work experience in a reputed Mobile Company..

Converted !

Won't be joining..

Thank You XIMB for considering me worthy enough... You taught me that a call can be converted with a confident and decent PI even when your group mates cut you off alot of times in the GD !

Thank You Pal_Dor (my mentor at XIMB) ! Your confidence in me and replies to all my silly queries helped me convert XIMB and even other calls..


Thank You seniors for quick replies to all the queries..
Thank You MFC for selecting me in the first list..

too bad that i cannot join it and going for some other college instead...

I cannot access the spreadsheet from my office.. so the waitlist goes up by one.. All the Best !

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Hello puys,
I have misplaced my call letter

does anybody have any sample of the same which needs to be shown at the time of the interview ?
My interview is tomorrow morning.. please help !

was anxious so posted.. got it here

All the Best INDIA !!

I converted MFC Call

Will have to check my priority as i have nmims core on one hand and MFC DU convert on the other.. time to speculate... as of now will enjoy the convert status !

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juhi.lakhotia Says
Guys....m waitlisted...10th....wat r d chances??

Did you see the results at DU ? Where do you stay ?
10th is a good number , it shall be converted for sure...
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Hello Friends,
Can some body correct me on the check list which needs to be given at NMIMS without fail before the 31st of this month.

Admission Letter - Print out of the pdf
Final Score Card - present on the nmat site
Degree Marksheet
Degree Certificate
Xth marksheet
XIIth marksheet
Experience certificate - will the latest pay slip do for now or the HR letter probably ??
DOB certificate - since i do not have it can i use the Xth marksheet as the DOB certificate - probably yes as i have read in one previous post.

What is exactly meant by passing certificates for Xth and XIIth ??
In ICSE Xth i have only one mark sheet.
In Andhra Pradesh board XIIth I have a big consolidated mark sheet, does it also serve the purpose of the passing certificate ??

Anything else other than this which is compulsory to be taken before 31st ? Please correct me puys if i am wrong.

Also - 2 copies attested along with the originals.

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NMAT Score : 224 -> 43.5/70
Academics : 8.23/10
Work Ex: 32 months
Total : 61.73/100
Merit Rank : 246

Core !!

GD/PI : 10/20

First time using these smiles... craved since the first day i joined Pagalguy to click on them....

Narsee Monjee is the destination !
Once upon a time in Mumbai showed two princes.... third one on the way :thumbsup:

Congratulations to future class mates... and All the best in the future for the rest !!

P.S : Anyone from group 136 selected ?

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XII: 95%

Work-Ex: 31 months
CAT (2010-11):
Aggregate: 96.98 general

Extra acads : not much

Interview & GD

Date : 15.03.2011

GD :
Topic: The Wheel is moving round and round
Number of Ppl present:8(there were suppose to be some 13 in my group)
Time: 2 pm
Brief Snapshot of the discussion: well it was a very generic discussion ...very common points such as progress as in economy of india, monotonous acts of people, etc were rasied...everybody got a good chance to speak but only some could speak for a good air all in went on for 20 the end the professor asked any random person to summarise in a minute..
Rate your performance(0-10): 9 - satisfied with the performance - came up with a new perspective each time - got in around 5-6 times during the whole GD.

Panel Members Intro: I have no idea about them but there were two male professors and one female professor..
Tell about yourself ?

Why MBA?
Told - but they did not look so convinced with my answer.

Why MBA @ MFC DU after Engg from a reputed college and a satisfying job ?
Answered - still were not convinced. I explained them my concerns and reasons so two out of the three seemed convinced but one male professor was still not convinced.

What were the favourite subjects in Engineering?
Software Engineering(SE)

Please tell how you see SE being implemented in your company and need of it(something like that)?

Reasons why I cannot change the classic method of procedure followed?
Told - seems convinced

Spoke about technology - latest Apple Ipad 2 - was asked about the difference with its predecessor.

What the rival companies are doing to grab the market share of Apple?
Told convincingly

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

What other calls do you have?
Rate your performance(0-10): not a very satisfying one so i would give myself a 6.5

First, the GD and PI are both chilled processes. one gets ample time to speak so please speak with good content and take your time. and do not speak just for the sake of speaking.

Most importantly please share you GD PI experience with others as it will help the fellow puys.

Does any one know the weightage of different things ? i guess i read somewhere but i forgot.

Could not ask the professors - any one has any idea about the date when results will be declared ??
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