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theway_mysterio Says
hi my score is 112 mumbai home univ i stand a chance at chetna and wht wre the last student score who got in plzzzzz

all depends on ur gd-pi scores. wen do they come out, btw?
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Hey ChampofCat06,
Nice effort keeping the thread alive!
I just had a single query regarding Summers & final placements, am not asking for the official figures of salaries etc just the number of ppl placed. I heard that summers this year was full of ppl with contacts and stuff doing it just for the heck of it, where do ppl who seriously wanna do summers land up then?
Also are the final placements conducted on the basis of ones marks, projects, performance in the Two years or just on the basis of the profile of the candidate, viz graduating subject, past work experience etc?

hi. sorry but I do not have the exact number with me. But from what I know, the entire batch has been placed for summers. As i said, how many from campus and how many via contacts, i've no idea. but college tried it's bit for summers. as regards final placements, around 70% of batch is placed. and when i mention that the batch size is in excess of 400, it sure is an appreciable effort, isn't it?

generally students are shortlisted for placements based on certain criteria fixed by companies themselves. Some cos give weightage to candidate profile and work ex, others give preference to freshers and acad sound studs. hope u got the gist.

hope i've satisfied u. do let me know if u have any further queries.

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divya1587 Says
hi... can ne1 tell me if d collg provides students with the personal laptops?? like how other colleges do and include the cost of laptop in the fee itself??

yes. but only for pg students.
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ankush_rac Says
what is the last date for applying chetana institute and what is the cutoff?

i think pg forms are out. plz contact coll office mate.

hey... thanks for ur reply...but i hv heard that generally placements for mms and pgdm students are clubbed... is this not the case in chetana.. and also could you tell me if the pgdm placements are bad as compared to mms placements? mistake....didn't read ur previous query carefully..sorry.....what i meant was that placements are clubbed here as well....and there is no distinction made between pg/mms students by the same job opportunities for both...
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divya1587 Says
hey... can anyone tell me if the placements for PGDM and MMS courses are same or they different ...

nope. none whatsoever.

I have heard that almost all seats of PG are thru donations. Can u pls tell me do i need to go thru GD/PI even thru donmation. Can any one tell me how to go about it

AFAIK, every 1 has 2 sit 4 gd-pi's. 4 details plz call da coll office.


Thanks for your quick and relevant reply...

I would like to know if dual specialization is offered by your Institute...

Besides, what has been the median and average salary figures uptill now?..

Which specialization would you consider to be the best among those offered by Chetana?..

nope. no dual specs. official figure 4 salary is not available, obviously. last year's avg was 5 l.p.a. With recession still affecting recruitments, this is expected 2 drop this year. as regards best specs, im 4m ops and i feel it's certainly da best. but, fin & mktg normally attract a huge chunk of the batch size. and sum of my frnds in those specs claim tat their spec is da best. so no clear answer there. but i wud suggest u make ur decisions based on ur swot and after at least 1 sem into mba.
hope ur satisfied. do ask if u have any further q's.

P.S.: A very happy mothers day to one and all.
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hi everyone...

I am new to this thread, and I wish to apply to Chetana's this year...

Could anyone throw some light on this year's placement scenerio, vis-a-vis this institute, along with its reputation in the industry....

My profile:

CAT: 87.58
ATMA: 99.5
JMET: rank 2841

B.Tech(CSE): 8.25(till 7th sem)
XII: 86.6
X: 93.4

Hello Emily,
u seem 2 have quite a good acad record over there. based on it, i wud suggest that if possible, wait 4 one more year and try getting into a "top" college.
As regards to Chetana's, u r obviously trying 4 the pg course cause u won't get into mms unless u've given mh-cet. da course is pretty decent and the college does not distinguish between mms and pg courses in any way. infra is good as well. faculty are decent. we have many visiting faculties who are common for many colleges including jbims, nmims etc. placement scenario is quite good actually if u compare it with other colleges in the same league. around 70% of the batch is placed, which is quite an achievement if u consider the combined batch size of 400+.
do let me kno if u need any more info.

hello folks,

actually i hav heard a lot abt Chetana frm my frnds........
bt m still clueless......
coz hav also heard abt MET & IES frm dem.......
wud b pursuing MMS dis yr (got 98.82 %ile in dis yrs CET).......
so was considering Chetana as a good option.....
bt really hav no idea abt d colg man........
pls can u'll help me????
as 2 vch of d 3 (MET, IES & Chetana) r better in terms of faculty, summers & final plcmnts...
m intrstd in goin fr an MMS in Operations.......
hope dey r offering d same.......
SIES has scrapped it frm last year.....
wanted 2 confirm d same abt Chetana......
pls reply sun frnds.......
m confident abt makin it 2 Chetana dis yr.......
bt still need ur help.......

until den,
all d best folks.......
hey nikhil,
gud 2 see some1 interested in ops even b4 joining mba. i have specialized in ops so i can understand the skill levels required to pursue ops.
solely 4m da stand point of view of ops, chetana's is a much better college than met or ies. in fact, ies students were at our campus this year 4 studying ops in sem 3. faculty is the same, since most are visiting ones. even in terms of placement, chetana's has an edge over the other 2. the profiles offered here have been what one wud call pure ops. :o
chetana's mms is surely a gud option if u wanna pursue ops. hope i answered ur queries. do feel free to ask again if u need 2 kno more.
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1)does ximr hv management quota forms
2)when will they be available
3)i m hu,open category,no work ex,97.16%ile-118,4 par marks
wht cld be my chances at ximr

a decent gd-pi performance (say 25 odd) wud get u xaviers in rnd 1 itself. so, concentrate on improving ur score!
just wanted to knw whats the difference between pgdm and mms? which one is better??? and is there any difference in the fee structure of the two?

MMS or Master in Management Studies is a university course (Mumbai university in our case). PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a course offered by an individual institute. It can be an autonomous course or a certification body (eg. AICTE) approved course. FYI, all top colleges in India including the IIM's provide PGDM courses. So, this should also answer your second query i.e. instead of comparing the 2 courses, compare the colleges offering them. For colleges offering both courses, AFAIK, MMS courses are better. At Chetana's, the PG course charges are about 50k more than MMS.
Any more queries? Do ask.
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hi i hv 97.16 %ile with 118 score and 4 for par marks
i am HU n open categories
wht r my chances at chetna's n if not here then which coll must i focus on

rite now...focus on ur gd-pi....150 is wat u must aim at 2 get into Chetana's.
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Hello Everybody,

I need your help on Chetna's Institute of Mngt ASAP. I would greatly appreciate if you can help me out on gather some information. I am an OMS candidate and I have an AI rank of 177 and merit score of 177 as well for Maha CET this year. And My chances to get into K.J and Welingkars look very shaddy. I would like to know how good is Chetna's for MMS or PGDBM and which area of mngt is it recognized for eg: HR, Marketing, Finance etc.., Now I am a HR peron with 1.8yrs of HR experince and my crrnt salary is 4.2lakhs p.a Could you give me a insight on the highest salary offered in MMS or PGDBM for the HR and other fields.

Shall be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank much in advance!


hey mate,
u really need to weigh ur options before making any decision. as mbagod mentioned (nice name buddy), u might turn up earning more without an mba in the coming 2 yrs. but u also need to look into the other dimensions which an mba course adds to one's personality. that's worth considering too....but of course, u might still be better off if u wait for one more year, if u can that is.
btw, why u ain't tryin for sies. u shud get in easily there.
cheers & ATB.
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