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Will ISB send results on Sat'day too? hopefully they shud....cant sleep....

...4 more days to go

1 day for shiv-ratri
1 day for V-day
1 saturday

so, effectively 1 working day before THE results.

....I will get it, for i have good all-round profile :)
...I wont get it, for my interview sucked big time :(

....I will get it , i have achieved favorable results till now in competitive exams :)
....I wont get it, my first attempts are always jinxed :(

.... I will get it :)
.... I wont get it :(

Ohh, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder symptoms are back :p...i need to take tranquilisers

yeah, maybe I am taking too much of this. I even had a funny dream about my admission. Where I saw myself staring at an email which said "
"Dear Amulya Konda,
Congratulations, you are in the waitlist for your admission. Everything of your profile looks fine, but the adcom is not convinced about your essays. So we decided to give you a last chance.

lucky could sleep and have some dreams too....i am just rolling on the bed trying desparately to sleep :p...

I had my interview on the 6th and i asked them when the results are expected to be out. They said the Adcom is meeting on the 13th / 14th. hence the results should be out by 15th and may stretch to 20th Feb


Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....20th tak nahin ho paayegaaa

I have jus enough heart beats to survive till 15th
I have just enough inhale-exhale rhythm to survive till 15th
I have just enough bile juices to digest till 15th

usse jyada nahin ho paayegaa....puuuulllleeeezzzz results jaldi 'out' kardo
Puyz, while trying to kill time I just came across this post (probably one of the most controversial ones) from the same thread which involved discussions among R1 applicants.

This sounds interesting but leaves may questions unanswered. What do you say?

Hey zeal81, u need not bother about this guy's theories...This guy used to come up with some weird propositions and logics every other day(though they look convincing :p) those threads, if you have time to pass....this guy and his predictions....they are entertaining.
Got the iv invite just now

IV date: 8th Feb 10:45 AM IST.

Need to prepare now

Wish me luck puys :cheerio:


Hi Ritzy,

Are you an international applicant?? bit surprised on extending the last day of interviews to Feb 8th..... All the best for your interview
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I totally agree, IMHO I think they look for following things during your interview :

1. If you have written your essays yourself.
2. If you have been truthful in your essays.
3. If you can articulate your thoughts well.
4. If you can handle stress (this maybe true as some interviewees did mention that the panel tried to stress them out)

Anyway, this whole process seems to be enigmatic to me. How do one quantify whole application. An application whether it has specific ingredients is decided by a human and when there are humans involved, there must be bugs involved :p...what i mean to say is, i can prepare a list by conducting an examination and fill the list with descending order of the marks...but, how do i decide a list when different humans evaluate the application and grade it according to their If X grades an application with 5, the same application might be graded 4 out of 5 by another evaluator. How does an institution checks this???

PS: Please prove me wrong and establish that it is 100% fair-chance for everyone.

PPS: I wrote this to increase my number of posts
One more does the wait-listed system work...
i mean if someone is called fr interview and clears it but eventually doesnt take up the offer,
then wont they have to fill that place up with someone tat case how do they take those cases...
on 15th Feb , will people be given one of 3 results, i.e. accept/reject/wait-listed???

Along with the list of Accept and Reject, another list of wait-listed candidates would be released. If any of the candidate who is admittted does not take up the offer, then the chance would be given to wait-listed candidate. It is said that approx. 5% of the wait-listed candidates are admitted eventually. THis process is done in March every year. Heard that approx. 100 candidates would be wait-listed every year.
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Few Numericals for ur and my satisfaction :p

Number of applicants for R2: 2200

Number of seats available for R2: 280

Number of weeks in which interview scheduled in R2: 7

number of aspirants called for interview : 120 * 7 = 840

I estimated that 120 interviews were held every week. This is consistent atleast with the week i had my interview(Jan 23)

Ratio of applicants: Interviews: Admits = 8: 3: 1

Number of admits with IT background in R2 : 40% of 280 (taking last year percentages) = 112

number of puys with IT background who would be admitted = 10% of 112
= 11.2 puys, hurry up reserve ur seat with handkerchief before others grab all of them :P

any more numbers to pass the time...we have 14 days