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hey thanks for that info... also wanted to know if there r ny scholarships being given or ny such thing.. and if nyone has applied for such a scholarship.. i heard they provide a scholarship loan for upto 2L...

hi Chaitra,

congrats on the admit...

regarding extention of timelines for payment... you need to approach SP Jain for this... they look into such matters on a case to case basis...

regarding the loan... most banks offer you a loan upto the amount of 4L without collateral... for above 4L you need to provide collateral of suitable amount... parents act as guarantors... the max loan amount is 15L... while the rate of interest is around 11.5%... the rate of interest may be substantially lower in a co-operative bank...

hope this helps...


hi, I have also received my offer for the june intake. Could you lemme know if they r accomodative about extending the timelines for payment of the initial deposit as the procedure would probably take time.. and also if nyone has gone about the loan process..

Hey people.. Me too applied for the june intake n got my interview on 10th.. ny inputs abt the GD from those who've already attended the first week of feb? haven found many GD experiences on this thread..

if i were to advise you i'd suggest drop a year and try next year...who knows if you have 93% this year with extra effort and luck next yaer you might get calls from ximb,gim and even you'll have other entrances like snap,nmat and ofcourse the baap of em all cat to look forward to.....with your profile and your score i dont think you should settle for itm...and if you dont want to drop a year look for other avenues but i am seriously against you joining itm..

disclaimer:i have all the due respect for itm as an institute


this wasnt my first attempt ... really dun plan to give the whole list of entrance exams again.. done it enuf times already... i guess i will jus hafta wait for the results of the one call that i recd..
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wid 93%tile u can apply 4 itm navi mumbai its a decrnt inst.
i just hope u were a li'll qiuck .ucud hv applied to liba,xime n kieloskar.Nyways 4 nw oter than itm u can go 4 GIFT ,vizag and XISS ,ranchi.
but itm wud be the best option of all d above.

yeah i realised that now when i checked the last dates.. i think i missed the LIBA dates by just 2 days. but the fact is i started thinkin of alternatives only now.. how gud is ITM.. im currently workin in an MNC n dun plan to try again next yr .. so is it a gud idea to go ahead with ITM or to continue working n look for other options apart from an mba..
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hey guys. i know this is a bit too late but this seems to be a last call for help kinda thing. well i rote all the usual mba entrance exams.. cat, xat including. havent faired very well.. only one call which seems to be too tough to convert as of now. anyhow.. my xat percentile being 93.. can anyone suggest if thers some institute i cold still apply to?

pls advice.

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Hi friends

anyone from bangalore can guide me atleast any landmarks for CBT centre .i am having my cbt tomm.
HNF- Basabesswara nagar
site no. 461/A vinay kunz-3rd stage
3rd block
havanur circle

any information needed urgently..friends from bangalore help me to locate this centre..
thnx alot in advance..

hey even i have my cbt tomo at the same venue.. kinda know the place.. i know havanur circle.. now since u hav already been ther.. it could be of great help if u could direct me to the exact location... thnx
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hey guys.. i have done the same mistake.. applied for global but only now i saw the eligibility requires 2 yrs exp which i dont have.. is there any way to reverse or change the options..

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ok.. heres the link for the detailed schedule for CET..

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hey guys.. i just checked out the notification fr CET.. its on 25th feb for sure. but it says the details will be out only in the third week of jan. so its all online is it? i mean the applicaion n stuff...and nothing needs to be done now?