• Chaitanya
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REJECT after interview :(... dunno wht to do now...

Interview questions were very basci..

why mbs, why mba, NGO work,post mba,EC.. etc..

had my interview on monday.

my profile
Gmat 730
ex : 2.4 yrs IT
decent acads and ec

Hi admits,

i have an interview this monday...kindly let me know on areas to concerntrate.


gmat 730
2 yrs exp IT

is ther any chance if i apply?

I have uploaded all the required documents online. Do i need to send any hard copies to NBS? Also please let me know if i have to send official GMAT score report to NBS now?

till wht time IST the deadline open??

wer to give bachelors degree gpa??pls help

in NUS application i didnt find any section for GMAT i missing something pls help

is toefl compulsory??