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Name : Charu Dhingra
Place : Delhi
Cat %ile : 92.18 (jst made it...... )
Program (PGDM/HR) : HR
Education Background : B.Tech (biotech)
work ex (if any) : none
hobbies : reading, listenin to music... also learnin hw to play guitar, etc etc......

seniors do v hv ne IMI BAND???? rock fans??!!!!!!
see ya guys soon!

dachozen1 Says
Pls refer to my last post about the procedure. About dress code, I guess its a no brainer. Formals please.

m srry if its redundant.... bt fr girls it can b anythin frm formal suits, to suits n sarees..... wt wud b preferable....
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Gt the lettr today..... mine is on 28th.... 11 am..... nebody frm d same batch?????

N seniors pls help us in r preps fr d gdpi.... ne inputs abt d procedure, things to b kpt in mind, dress code etc, will b highly appreciated!

thnx in advance!

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Yeah... m frm delhi..... i gt the letter today.... mine is on 17th feb... 9 am... 1st batch!!!! this is scary!:(
hlp with d gdpi pls............. :confused:

hey puys.....
I too gt a call...
CAT OA- 92.18 (jst bordrline..... phew!!!!)

ne idea hw r they allotin d dates?? as in on wt basis r they alootin d dates fr gdpi?? or is it lyk random??? cz i saw many ppl with d same percentile bt they hv gds on diff dates!

n cn sm1 tel me abt d gdpi or is thr a separate thread fr this discussion????? m srry if m postin this on d wrng thread bt i rlly wnna knw wt n hw d whole procedure is lyk...
Thnx in advance!

All d very best to evry1!

Pls pls pls pls check mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NMAT id- 209848
dob- 13 mar 1987

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The link Welcome to Admissions has been operational for knowing one's form's status for the past three days now and it definitely was working when you had posted your query the last time.

Vivek Nair
Admissions Team

sir cud u pls tel us whn ws d site updated last so tht d ppl who hv filled d form at d last moment cn hv a fair idea....
thnx in advance....
HI...Your scores are quite balanced and you can expect a call from SIMB Pune...

Overall cutoff should be around 75...You might clear it by a whisker...

Good Luck...

Thnx.... n shd i apply to sibm b'lore???? i hv no clue abt d campus...... n placements n stuff....
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hi puys....
my scorecard is as follows:-
General English: 12.75
Quant, DI: 15 General Awareness: General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Business Scenario: 9.5
Analytics & LR: 37.5
Total: 74.75

cn i expect a call frm SIBM pune??? n i hvnt filled b'lore...... is thr ne chance i ll get thru????


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Hey puys,
My score is as follows......
Maths- 93 percentile
di-81 percentile
va-81 percentile
overall-92.18 percentile
i hv fillied lbsim, fore, tapmi, spjain, kjsomaiya, mdi, imi, imt and ubs..... pls tel me wt r my chances of gettin a cal frm these colleges???

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