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congrats bro,.. kaha the abhi tak>?

Idhar hi tha...been a bit busy with work n off pagalguy :P

Thanks to all in mmdt and the awesome forums at PG

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Hey just wanted to post my final results:

Calls: IIM B, I, K, S, Ranchi, MDI
Converts: IIM I,K,S, Ranchi and MDI

Joining I/K

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Request not to start over such discussions again. We just got done with IIM R and MDI. You might be only asking puys to 'pour in their opinions'...but my friend it doesn't just end there unfortunately.

Also, How credible can the 'opinions' of these puys be, if no one knows about your background (work exp, education, field of interest) etc.

Every college is known for its own reasons so as suggested by someone, its better you speak to the alumni and your seniors to help you in taking an informed decision. believe me that is the best way of going about.

Yes agreed. Please could some of the MDI seniors tell us about the strong points of MDI so that it gives us a better perspective and clearer picture

IIM ranchi interview : 5th April, Mumbai

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Hey seniors, I have published a paper at an IEEE international conference. Should I include this in organisational or cultural/social or any other??

Awaiting your quick response

Got a call

Got a Call

Got a call!!

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