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me too a HUGEEEE fan of C&H.;

here goes my fav calvin quote:-

I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information


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QuintEssence Says
So, i take it that no Cobain fans were offended by my last post...

Stopped bothering abt your comments anyway. So who's ya next target ? Bryan Adams or Altaf Raja ?

i guess there is a "Sarchasm" between the both of us..

Leave it guys

quintessence, can we have something on bruce springsteen to justify that he indeed is the best :

Anyways, me still going strong with Pink Floyd and Dire straits !

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Hey guyz,

5) I saw new format as a great opportunity as i thought am brilliant in crisis management, well after the test was made to feel as if even a kid cud have done better.

Hey Lomi, this was exactly mine sentiments also, in fact whenever thr had been pattern change or extremely diff mocks I have done better (%tile wise), so i too felt it was a gr88 oppr. I wont say i screwed it completely but still made some silly mistakes (expecting overall score 53-54).
I think wht let me down was the inherent bias against QA (i managed 14.67), this cld have gone up if only i did nt had any pyschological block for QA

Anyways, life goes on looking forward to JMET and other exams.
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Hey PG,

Many many happy returns of the Day


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Count me in .. guys

Anything for This forum

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My favs

Kishore Da (no doubt)
Mukesh (wht a voice, so natural)
Hemant Kumar
Geeta Dutt


Mark knopfler
Eric Clapton (tears in heaven )
Neil Diamond (Forever is blue jeans...)
Bono (U2)


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hi guys,

Could agree more with newguy and others. I am expecting anythign b/w 50-56 (cause i did nt Check the VA keys of IMS,CL et al, too many discrepencies , also the hockey set , its will decide my fate ), the only thing going in my favour (atleast based on the posting on PG so far) is that i have decent score in all 3 sections.

My take on BILLI:-

Concentrate on improving ur fundamentals, nothing else (at least at this time).


REad as much as you can ... try to become a voracious reader (if ur not already ), this helps, esp in RC.
Doing mocks etc in the last 6 months will help you in identifying what are your weak points.

if you know you are not good (acc. wise) at some areas (e.g. for me it was always usage based /grammer ques) chuck it in the actual paper ( i did the same adn i have no doubt that it was the right thing , i tried those qeus at home )

DI:- dont neglect LR... PERIOD (like newguy me too suffered because of this ).

QA:- strong basics, CAT QA hardly needs any high fundas. clear ur concepts you will be thru.

Dont plan like u will max in this or that section, try to be good at all sections(i knw it is tuff but its worth it). You never know which section will be tuff and which easy.

Last but not the least.. keep ur cool ( i did this .. well almost )

BOL for CAT 2005

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Guys my last post on PG (before CAT ofcourse ) and wht better place than the best wishes thread!

Relax guys, go with an open mind and crack it tommoriw!

Best of luck..hard work will not go waste


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CAT     aimcat 519
buck_was @ Mon Nov 15, 2004 6:10 pm Says
Wotever happened to the section-wise analysis... seems TIME ppl r enjoying an extended Diwali break

Yup, but I hope that they will remember to calculate the results of aimcat519 at least
Anyways, it seems they are following what they preach i.e. relax
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CAT     aimcat 519

Finally got the chance to post TIME's analysis of an aimcat.. njoy

AIMCAT0519 Analysis

Well, with this the real CAT is the only surprise left, if you may call it that! About a Lakh and fifty thousand plus have applied to write this CAT and it promises to be the biggest ever till date.

Some general guide lines as far as CAT is concerned. Do not go to the exam with an expectation of a specific pattern for the paper. Remember that if four people guess that it is going to be a 2/3/4/5 section paper respectively, one of them will most probably be right. So there is no point speculating on a paper which is going to be in front of you in less than a week.

Two, not only not speculating the number of sections, it is advisable to steer clear of all talk on CAT for the next few days. There will be wild rumors doing the rounds. From as simple as, it is going to be a 3-section paper to that 'this time there is General Knowledge in the paper'! Neither of the two may be true or both could be true. You will not know till the paper is actually dished out on the D Day.

It is very unlikely that the IIMs will change the pattern too drastically and as Mr Viswanath had said on CNBC, there will certainly be changes, even if subtle, to earn the stamp as a CAT paper. And as can be understood by the entire process of selecting the students, the IIMs are not looking for people who are afraid of change or difficulty. They are looking for people with a mission, people who can steer the destiny of business in India. They are looking for people who can quickly adapt to the given situation and without even a whimper go on to crack the task at hand very methodically and systematically. There are no emotions involved while doing a CAT paper. It is the clinical precision of a surgeon that is required to crack CAT.

So friends, gear up for the best battle of your life yet. CAT is one exciting journey where the journey also matters as much as the end result. And the more you enjoy the journey without getting cowed down, the higher the chances of success.

As far as AIMCAT0519 goes, it is similar to AIMCAT0518 except that the difficulty level of QA was more and VA/RC was less. The DI had some surprises with the logic area again being easy. The cut-off will be again the range of 35 to 40 for an IIM call. This is not the time to worry about how difficult AIMCAT0519 was and how you performed in it. It is time to relax!

In fact, we strongly recommend that you should put behind the AIMCATs performance except for revising them and look forward to the 21st of November.

Please go through the final tips that have been given in the November issue of the magazine MBA Education & Careers.


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