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_The HBS classroom in Mumbai_ There is nothing really so scholarly about Taj Lands End in Mumbai but the classroom recently opened by Harvard Business School hosting research programmes and executive education cours
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@sourabh4487...........common dude ..content ko dekho.btw it is 2.45 L..

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_Guest writer and IIM Ranchi director *Prof MJ Xavier* argues that India's business schools should go deep enough into teaching Indian business to develop their own brand of education that international applicants will f
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Commenting on quota while talking about foreign tie-ups is beyond the subject...check the profile of Harvard or Wharton class...and u will find 50% students shopping their seats..(Bada ambani from Harvard..chota from Wharton...Scindia from Harvard...some other erstwhile prince or son of politicians.....Check where Bilaval Bhutto Zardari is studying .etc..) we give reservation to those who are historically trapped in society which don't want to understand the context of reservation.

Thanks to all puys ....ur postings are v. helpful...

Toffee means sure-shot selection. It's the mandatory gesture under, 'Candidate Pacification Pact', signed during the Indian B-School Decagon Table Meet of 11th Sep, 2001.:shock:

And at times when the panel runs out of toffee then they gently murmur into the candidate's ear, 'We are so gonna select you.' ;)

It's funny that the panel comes up with so many innovative ways to inform the candidates beforehand. Checking the spam of your mailbox for a secret mail from the panel is another way of predicting the convert.
Presently suggestion are being made for the process in which the panel can deliver the happy news in the candidate's dream. Freud's 'The Interpretation of Dreams' is crying foul play.

P.S. If the toffee is half-eaten inside the wrapper then it means sure-shot reject and caters to sadistic pleasure of the panel.

P.P.S. The humor is intended.

Lolz...nice one :cheers:
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same question here.....if they are asking this much then it's a point to worry.

Its been two year and I also not connected to that stuff. I am working in IT sector.

Don't remember much of my graduation

22 months @ BHEL
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hey much is ur work ex ?...

22 months @ BHEL Power Sector Division
Hi puys

anyone with electronics and communication back ground has had interview.

Please share type of technical questions they were asking.

Were they asking only basics and what all subjects they were looking at ?

Were they asking you the subject from which you want to be questioned ?


They asked me ques. on Flip-Flop ,Latches conversions.....they made a wave form a box and then another wave form of Half magnitude and freq. and asked me to draw ckt....also asked implementation of differentiation in practical ckt...
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Yes this time bullet points. Have to write a paragraph

Hii ...What was the length of case ??

hii what was the length of the case ? around A4 sheet?

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The declaration of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2011 results brings an end to Prof Janakiraman Moorthy's tenure as CAT Convenor for 2011. In the hot seat for probably the last time, Prof Moorthy spoke to PaGaLGuY abou
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CAT has become a prestige issue for IIMs.