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all the best for new ifmrers

Dear Seniors
I visited pondi uni campus; met people; analyzed things
and happy with everything so sent my DD for admission.
BUT I have one question(may be off topic) but very important for me IS THERE ANY KITCHEN/MESS/CANTEEN in university campus where ONLY VEGETARIAN meals are cooked; as I do not eat at place where NON VEG is cooked.
For the day I was at campus I went to canteen but came back without having any thing, I asked abt hostel same was scenario there, I can not change myself so can I survive there, Is there any place where I can Eat;
Please reply :biggrin:

hey mainsh
pls join the orkut community dms pondicherry university and post your queries there, or dms juggernauts. Seniors are bit active over there i suppose

plz reply soon!
tell me how wil they indetify that its ur DD

hey u need to write a covering letter mentioning that the dd is attached for the application number and so on. also in addition mention ur app no , name and mobile on the back of the dd. i got this info from admission office.
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gt in ...

Will be joining - other people who are joining pm me


I think priya gave a brilliant account of the process

GD Topic - Women cannot manage career and home at the same time

Was decent. Everyone spoke.

Interview was very quick too
Like why MBA
Why MBA after work exp
What after MBA
Projects at company
and so on
no technical very general

Ankith Tulshan Says
hi..i reached pondy n its too hot over here..anybody who is in pondy..plz call me on 9032176338..

Hi All

Guys who had their session today please post your experience!!!
Hi velmourougan,
Hw much ll a decent room in pondy cost for a day??
since u r from pondy, do u know any hotels r lodges??

It should around 500-800 i suppose. Such hotels are in and around the bus stand. Its good to stay around this area as you can directly get a bus to hte uni and if in other places you may have to take 2 buses or walk quite a distance. I can remember some hotels like annapoorna and sabathagiri not sure though about the cost and the quality please check urself best people to take you to the right place are the auto guys
Hey guys..
I got GD-PI on 5th.
Who else got it on the same day, pls respond with name and location..
it ll be like a lead for us to know ourselves..

Am Parthiban,
Coming from Salem, Tamilnadu.

I got GD-PI on 4th.
My name Velmourougan
Location Pondicherry

I got the letter as well, raring to go..

nikhil0107 Says
Sent u my no. via PM

Any seniors to help on the possible GD topics and how hte PI will be structured?