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just called up ... IIMB waiting for directive ..

amanonArun Says
Same opinion here too... Starting a bit early today. So may be some :drinking:

lol .. hope it doesn't end long enuf such that they also make some arrangement of (__!__) ...
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The wait continues ... Now the issue is with our 'able' politicians and we can imagine how long we'll have to wait further ... wtf

IIMA proposes meeting of IIM dorectors before may 8th to discuss on admission crisis....

scroll on NDTV....what is this...i dont understand..

Does it mean that IIMs have got the hint that they need to wait till 8th .. ??? WTF ...
just an update...just now my friend got a mail from IIMB for the offer of admission for PGSEM...though website is not updated yet with the same...
well this is a way...has anyone from PGP also got the same :neutral:

hmm .. i think even PGSEM results are on hold .. how can the results be out then?
@seanmit .. have you seen the mail from iimB urself? Seeing is believing :neutral: ..
panipuri Says
Maybe he got some get well soon flowers!

he he ... and .. see the effect .. he is meeting Mr. PM ..

Gandhigiri Zindabaad ...
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It is really very frustating
the leangth of this thread(might be the biggest in the history of PG) shows how many people are suffering.

suffering or surfing ...
aanand_5 Says
yeah...instead let us all sit back and watch the launch of the PSLV

Im having "PSLV launch feeling" somewhere else ..

I am acting like im too busy in smthing ... fortunately dont have my PM around ..

hey plz if anyone gets any info on wen the hearing is going to strt then post it....also can we watch the hearing on TV and if so then which channel ....
damn my stomach has given up waiting ....pretty soon i will hv to install my PC in the bathroomif all this keeps up...:(:(

he he ... this wait is killing now .. cant wait anymore ..