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@chris_rocks said: Dear catgadha (naam mein hi gadha hai), I was very disappointed to see your confidence. Your post also showed your ill confidence in your fellow mates in IIMs. How do you know that they do not achieve as much as a general candidate at their colleges ? Please do not underestimate yourself and others. Please concentrate on getting 95% above as prashant has pointed out. Thanks
Hi chris, thanks for the reply. May be my concerns over the reality made me post such a query. Hope it will not question my peer's confidence level who are preparing hard for CAT. Thanks for pointing it out and will refrain from posting such daunting queries..!
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@Prashantmhrn :

Thanks mate for your patient reply to my post. Your words did give an energizing spirit. Looking forward to CAT 2012. All the best for your feature endeavours :)))

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Hi Guys,

Nice to see an active thread in SC/ST category. I am an MBA aspirant and want to crack CAT 2012 as everyone here. I gave CAT-2011 and got literally screwed. I got only 67 %. But I managed to convert IIM-Kashipur. Did not join and waiting for this season of CAT-2012.

I am really concerned about something which is bothering me a lot.
I have 2+yrs of work exp in an MNC in IT. If I give CAT exam this year, probably I will be able to join any of the institute next year [ ! If am destined to ]
My worry is "How does the placement scenario apply to SC/ST students in the IVY leagues or the elite IIMs in India ? I did some research about the placements of SC/ST students in IIMs. Their placements are 1/5 or 1/3 less than the average placement packages bagged by others. This was a research based data provided in one of the official IIM-A blog which I happened to go through. And also I am bit worried if I will be able to cope with the MBA programme in IIMs [ If i happen to get into ! ]. I am little scared if I will be able to perform better in IIMs compared with other candidates with 99.93% sharing my bench in the classrooms. I have a decent grades in my schooling.
X-89 %
XII - 89%
Engg - 7.1 CGPA

But the daunting scenario which recedes me everytime is " WILL PAYING 15+ LAKHS IN IIM BE FRUITFUL FOR AN SC CANDIDATE LIKE ME ?" And also the placements for SC/ST candidates is not much as compared with General category. ( Obvious reasons ! ) I just want to know from guys who are in IIM under SC/ST category to guide me in this query. Comments from other puys are also welcome. But let this query not be daunting to other SC/ST candidates. I just wanna clear the cloud around the so called MBA for SC/ST candidates in IIMs.

Thanks in Advance for your valuable comments..!

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Hi PG,

I am a Application developer,IT in an MNC since May'2010. ( 24 months ) I am planning to do MBA in 2013-2015 academic year. I rate myself in the following characteristics

* I hate number crunching ( Feel like Scientific calculators are better replacement for me )
* I am a leader material ( Right from child hood - In NCC, School Sports Captain, College - Joint Secretary )
* I am good at providing apt and optimized decision to anyone ( After having a quiet deep knowledge in it )
* Would like to meet new people and provide business to them and lure and convince to the point
* Average at technical things.

Can you guys please tell me what kind of Specialization suits me in MBA or any suggestion or criticism encouraged.



Need some one to clarify. In IIM lateral placements, do the Work Experience count from DOJ in job to DOJ in IIM ? Or the Work exp is the same as in the CAT application form of the respective year.

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Hi All,

I am a Delhi based CAT aspirant.
Right now I am working in a software firm.
I have One and half year of experience.
Dismal:banghead: performance in CAT2011 lead me to prepare for another one year.
Not going to join any Coaching institute.Planning to take TIME And Test Funda mock test only.

I have a dream and I want to convert it into reality.

So let's start preparing For the CAT 2012.

All the best to all

Same here dude ! Flunked in CAT 2011. Yet nothing to worry. Another 1 year experience in IT and preparation will spring board in CAT 2012 and land up in good calls. Dream should be brought into reality.:cheers:
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Hi professionals,

I am a Pune based CAT aspirant. I am giving my CAT 2012 ( may be my last attempt ) to get into the elite B schools. I would seriously appreciate if other CAT aspirants from Pune can join hands in prep. Can any1 share a link where the Pune Study team is based. I seriously need CAT aspirants around me to get morally motivated for my dream run. PM is highly welcome !!!

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Point 1: 3 years experience is pretty 'normal' and you would not be THE SENIOR guy in the MBA thing.
Point 2 : Even if you are at 6 lpa, an 18 lpa kind of role should be manageable. Average guys get about 2.5 times their pre MBA salaries. However, if you have the balls, you would definitely manage much more than that. Purely depends on the kind of school you get into, and the profile that you land up into.
Point 3: IIMs will definitely prefer someone with 3 years of experience if you can show your mettle in the written test. Your tenth and twelveth seem reasonable, so no worries there.
However, with a 7 point GPA in grad, IIM S may decide to ignore you.

Overall, since you belong to a reserved category ( that you have mentioned herewith), I would suggest you get your focus right on the exam preparations. You would definitely squeeze in easily if you are able to manage a decently high score in CAT 2012.
All the Best !

thanks for your guidance:clap: Will start working on it.

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My friend suggested me test funda for ample theories and sectional tests

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Hi All.....

I am planning to give CAT second time. But I am very confused at this moment.I am not sure if I should go for CAT or GMAT. Following are my acadmic details,
10th- 74%(UP board)
12th- 80%(UP board)
College- BIT Mesra Ranchi(BE-ECE) 71.9% / 6.59 CGPA 2K8 passout
Work ex - 3.5 years approx (Aricent)

Now I feel like dying while working in IT sector so too deperate to change the carrier stream.Please suugest what is the best option for me.

I suggest you to take your 3.5 years experience and the return on investment of another 2 years + 13 odd lakhs ( IIMS ) in consideration b4 pursuing MBA.
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