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Hi Seniors,

Is it mandatory to pay the advance fees for mess facilities? Can we not pay these fees after checking out the mess facilities on reaching XL?
Other than mess, what other options do we have for food?

Soubhik - request you to please add this to the query list..

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Hi Seniors,

The AICTE approval is definitely a positive news. But do we have any idea whether the change in program duration will impact the start date of the course? Or are we still looking at June 15th?

I am yet to give the resignation notice, since I expect to be released in 3 weeks..hence need to be sure about the start date.

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Hi Puys,

I am in as well! Will be joining most probably.But yet to make a final decision.

Congrats to all the selected candidates and best of luck to those in the waitlist...

For those who missed out, don't give up...this is a journey that will make you a better person, no matter what. And ultimately, success will be yours!

Thanks a lot to Vivek and all the other seniors for your valuable help and support throughout the application journey.

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Hello All,

Hope everyone had a happy and colorful Holi! Here's my interview experience:

Location: Mumbai
Profile: 8.5 yrs/IT/760/5.0
Date: Today, March 8th

There were three interviewers - a senior prof (L), middle aged (M) and young (R). I was asked to go in 15 mins before my scheduled time by M. When I entered, M was out of the room and other two were present. They asked me to take a seat and R started looking at the certificates.

L: So you are from Mumbai?
Me: Yes sir
L (nods): Are they playing Holi outside? Did you face any problem?
Me: No sir, not really.
R: So you have done engineering from XYZ college?
Me: Yes sir, specified my branch.
R: Isn't this a college of Gujaratis?
Me: Sir, it does have a Gujarati trust but not necessarily a college of Gujaratis...
R: But I have come across a lot of Gujaratis from this college...
Me: nods
R: So where are you working and what is your role?
Me: Answered
R: So how do you keep abreast of happenings in the world?
Me: Thru websites like FT, Economist for global news and local newspapers like TOI...
R: So tell me what have you read about on Economist recently?
Me: About the Euro crisis...
R: And?
Me: Davos summit...
R: What was the theme at Davos this year?
Me: Sustainable growth (didn't recollect what it wasat that point of time, so made a best guess :banghead:)
R: What is meant by sustainable growth?
Me: Growth with a concern for the environment and society...
R: What is carbon trading?
Me: Answered
R: Who regulates this trading?
Me: Said IPCC, told about Bali summit etc.
R: What efforts you are aware of, being made to reduce carbon footprint?
Me: Told them about some green initiatives from my org.
R: Is it possible to make profits out of this green initiative?
Me: Yes Sir, it is a sound business model, we can have profits with sustainability...
At this point, M enters the room.
R: Do you know any company which make profits solely by selling this "green" thing?
Me: Stumped, said sorry I can't recollect any particular company...
L: What is business analysis?
Me: Answered
L: What do you mean by low carbon economy?
Me: Tried to say the same thing as mentioned earlier but he was not convinced...
L: Have you heard this term before?
Me: Sir, I can't recollect this term as such but have a fair idea...
L: What is your group's (like Tata, Birla, etc.) carbon footprint?
Me: Sir, I don't know a number as such but there are initiatives at the group level...
L: Like?
Me: Tried to say a couple of general things but not very confident...
M: Do you know a lawsuit was filed against your company in the US recently?
Me: Sorry sir, I haven't heard about it...
M: It was against gender discrimination
Me: Nods..(ironically, they are telling me this on International Women's Day!)
M: So what is your role in your current job?
Me: Told again, this was already asked by L earlier
L: So what tools have you used?
Me: Answered
M: Asked about a famous acquisition made by my company? Do you think it was good?
Me: Answered and explained why I thought it was good. He looked satisfied!
L: I am done, looks at the others
M: I am done as well, looks at R
R: What are your hobbies?
Me: Told
R: Couple of questions related to hobbies
Me: Answered
All: You can leave...
Me: Said it was nice meeting you, thanks!
They didn't ask if I had any questions and I didn't ask any either.

Overall, I thought it was quite cool, no extra grilling etc. Total duration was about 15 mins. Now the wait begins for final result!

All the best to everyone having their interviews in the coming days...

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Absolutely. Awaiting some experiences from Mumbai Puys who had i/vs this weekend (3rd, 4th, 5th Mar.)

KrishChalu Says
Guys, please post your interview experiences. There have been none recently.:)
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I guess Mumbai Puys would have had the interviews this weekend? Requesting all to share the interview experiences..

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Are nahi sir, you deserve an admit! and budhaape mein kya yaar, 7-8 yrs exp. is still "young" for 1 yr MBA :)

You are just being kind :)

But seriously, I was bowled over by the experience........budhaape mein mil raha hai na yeh saab :)
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Hey Aritro,

Looks like you had a pretty good interview! smells like an admit :)

Thanks for sharing the experience!

Oki guys, time I pitched in with my iview debrief.......happened on 24th Feb, 110:am, XLRI campus.....there were three panelists, the same ones reported by unencumbered, in the same order (L, M and R)........

Over all, it was a GREAT feeling to be iviewed. The campus, profs and the experience were AWESOME.
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You can try "The Under-cover Economist" & "The logic of life" by Tim Harford. Also, "The Black Swan" by Nassim Taleb.

Just finished reading freakonomics ( was suggested by scorpion ) and it was an awesome read.

I had been reading mostly fiction till now. But freakonomics and The world is flat were very good reads. So was wondering what to read next? Something along similar lines--> simplified economics and financial concepts

Any suggestions ?
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Hi Puys,

I have also got the i/v call...profile: IIM/8 yrs/760. All the best for the i/v's...

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