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hi all

good 2 know tht the IMI meet at b'lore was a great success ..only regret is that i couldn't make it ..with summers in delhi i ll be hitting blore (my home!!!) in june..

well seniors sagar,natasha,kunal,aditi n sharan ..wot kinda gyaan hav u people shared wth the newbies??

waiting to reach blore ...

tak care folks

p.s: a sweet thanks to sweetgirl for all those sweet things about me

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hi poorna

yup its me penny from b'lore alrite! well , my inbox at pg ws full..jus cleared it a mail saying M Y S T I C was tryin to get in touch but ure inbox needs to be cleared, figured out it must hav been you ..sharan has kept me quite updated on u sure of taking IMI n wat abt MICA?? adland dreams?? anyways, its a good decision..welcome aboard n lookin forward to meeting u.. will b in blore rite aftr summers on the 4th or 5th of me ure # ..wl pm u mine n we can get in touch..

i must say PG is happening..wl try visiting more often..

ciao ppl

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Hi everyone!!!

CONGRATS to all the people joining IMI !!! Well , I am at IMI too-batch of 2006 ..a batchmate of sajal,saikat,surbhi n all..have been inactive on PG since CAT last year but thot it wud b a good idea to know wat kinda juniors we r getting..wl help during ragging , u c ..

its a nice enthu batch of 2007 tht i find on PG ....good going guys!!!

there were some people who had doubts regarding SIBM vs IMI ..i think their choices wud b already made but jus for the record ...i had a similar choice n opted for IMI n am happier for it....

so guys enjoy ure leisure now cos u will b in for a real tuff time in the 1st year!!

okies ,have fun!!!


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hi thearyan & eddy..

thanks 4 the directions & the help offered,they are pretty clear so i m confident of making it to gyan mandir on the 3rd ..thanks again

well, here in blore foram,sharan & myself met up & had a good time...everyone's looking forward to college but besides that we had a nice talk about a lot many things,movies,other interests...also had a good time pulling foram's leg for her obsession with her bag ...hi foram don't kill me 4 this btw,nice chocolate....

the IMI gang at PG is REALLY growing...nice!!

welcome to all the new ones & lookin forward to meeting everyone in person..

for now,gtg


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hi guys

finally caught up with everything on the IMI thread....have been peacefully lazing at home since i resigned from office

well i know its late but here go my details..

NAME: Penny Aulakh
AGE: 22
QUALIFICATION:B.Com & Diploma in International Trade.Currently pursuing CFA & completed Level 1.
WORK EX: 22 months at HP as Financial Assistant.
CAT percentile:95.7
INTERESTS: reading,dancing,making friends...

Chose IMI over SIBM & ICFAI hyderabad.

People from Delhi , i wud require some help from you guys..actually i am appearing for my CFA exams from Delhi .The centre address is as below so can anyone from there lemme know how far is this place from IMI cos i have to get there on the 3rd of July.

Gyan Mandir Public School

E Block , Naraina Vihar

New Delhi 110 028

BTW,talked to Foram & we ppl at Blore are planning to meet on monday.Rashmi , u can join too..i 'll pm u my number & u can get in touch with me....



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hey ppl

i too am joining the list goes


1. Sajal Dubey, Jabalpur
2. Saurabh Garg, Delhi
3. Natasha
4. John Ivan, Cochin
5. Foram Mehta, Baroda
6. Vikash Mohta, Kolkata
7.Penny Aulakh,Bangalore



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hi folks

dunno how i missed this thread but surely i will be there for the meet....


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D is the answer & for the same reasons as given by amithmp

hi guys

great to see this thread & the enthusiasm in our community that it has generated.
i too have done a bit for society in the past (collecting funds for mentally challenged children & people suffering from terminal illnesses,going house to house collecting items for people who have suffered in natural calamities etc) but this definitely is not enuff & i am more than willing to give a bit of my time towards this cause.i think it would be a good idea to start city wise threads so that the mods in each one can decide the details.btw i m from blore so whoever is co-ordinating for blore please PM me.


hi everyone

there's definitely a lot happening on this thread ..i too received the assignments FINALLY & to say the least , i was shocked..i mean wat the hell..from june 1st to april 20th ..why do these guys want to ruin our happiness??? can't they just wait till june 1st..i thot juggling office & interviews was over but now i realise i was's gettin only & sum stupid assignments & reading those books..
BTW i attended tht SAP training thing in blore & met a few ppl from ICFAI hydbd..have also recommended this site to them..the SAP training was okay..dunno if i will take it up..i just chkd for the accomo...this mite be a basic question but i wanted to know if we guys are in banjara hills campus cos i think there is another campus on another hill (correct me if i am wrong)..
i will be attending the classes from june 1st so dunno if this list gonna help me cos most of these places mite be occupied till then(wat with a batch of 600!!)
gtg now... cya & bfn

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